Are pretzels a desert?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by canadienthikergirl008, May 21, 2020.

  1. I've spent the last ten minutes trying to figure this out I'm not even joking lol
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  2. no
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  3. But what about the soft bready ones?
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  4. unless you get it made like Michael Scott, it isnt dessert lol
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  5. Maybe the chocolate coated ones.
    Otherwise I’d classify pretzels as a snack food.
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  6. Me thinks someone is stoned and has the munchies right now! :passing-joint:
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  7. You don't dip pretzels in cheese & call it a desert lol, even if you dipped a pretzel in chocolate it'd be classed as a snack if anything :confused_2:
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  8. It's a "baked good" that you can apply other things to.
    Originally it would be plain/salted, and clearly fall into the savoury category.
    You can do things to make it sweet.

    Thing is - if it's more or less like bread, it's generally things added to the existing product that make it sweet right?
    Then it's not a dessert.

    A dessert has to be intended as a dessert in it's original form to be considered this...unless you use PART OF it to make a dessert, like say "bread and butter pudding".
    As it stands, I'd consider pretzel along the same lines as a crepe or pancake.

    Like, adding nutella to bread doesn't really make it a desssert, just bread with nutella.
    Same deal IMO.
    "Pretzel with xx"

    Though a standard definition can be "sweet food at the conclusion of a meal", I guess loosely it KIND OF fits, at very least relatively.
  9. No. They are not an arid, dry spread of land.
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  10. If they are soft baked and have sugar instead of salt, then sure why not?
  11. Dunno what they are but the white fudge covered ones are the best fuckin munchies ever!!!!
  12. Are pretzels the same as twiglets but without the beef powder?
    Would beef twiglets in white chocolate fudge be good??
    Hmm... how the fuck do i make white chocolate fudge?
    ... hmm... nah fuck this its 05.19 am aff to ma scratcher :)
  13. I would say you were right.

    Ok, smartass lol
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  14. They might be if beer was your dinner.
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  15. They are if they are covered in chocolate.
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  16. And by the way, it is 'dessert.'
  17. They are with globs of Nutella.
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  18. Bread and chocolate. Yum.
  19. How about bread, chocolate and peanut butter?
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  20. Okay. Now I could go for some dark chocolate coated pretzels and some coffee. That would be amazing right about now I tell you what.

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