Are pizza delivery jobs really that bad?

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  1. So ive heard stories about pizza delivery jobs being really dangerous, supposedly its one of the top ten most dangerous jobs.... Is being a pizza delivery driver really that bad/dangerous?

    Has anyone been a pizza driver before and could shed some light on the whole situation of it being a bad/dangerous job?
    Or has anyone heard any "bad" stories about this kinda job?
  2. Id imagine it could be in less wealthy areas. But there is a risk everywhere. They never know what could happen.

    Im pretty sure there was something on the news about a similar situation a few years back.
  3. Recently a delivery driver in my area was robbed at knifepoint. I live in a super low crime area (almost non-existent). But city-wide, taxi drivers, store owners and pedestrians are much more prime targets for robbery. This was the first incident I've heard of involving a delivery driver, afaik the risk isn't that great.
  4. When i was like 15 i remember pizza places wouldn't even deliver to mine and surrounding streets cause it was apparently too dangerous for them, I remember my brother telling me it was cause him and his mates called them out to a street when the guy hopped out him and his mates king hit him and stole his car and the pizza.

    I think it all depends on which neighbourhoods your primarily delivering too. The shittier the neighbourhood the more dangerous its gonna get i would assume. But i'd imagine the risk isn't all that great considering your only carrying small amounts of cash each trip.
  5. People over-exaggerate the danger of being one for sure, but there is always going to be a danger when you are going to random strangers houses and delivering something to them.

    This opens your eyes though.

    There's also a movie very loosely based on that, which is fairly decent.

  6. I did it for a while. It was damn good money! Not too bad a job at all. Used to make a good $100+ a night. Bout $60 more than I make a night now.
  7. Can you do this job at 18?
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    I'd assume you can do it as soon as you get your licence ^^

    That dude in the wiki article was in on the robbery though he just got the raw end, from what it sounds like it had nothing to do with him being a pizza delivery man.

  9. That's when I had mine. Was delivering at night, working at khols day time.
  10. Sweet, I really wanna work nights too cause that's when I'm up anyways. Thanks!
  11. No problem man. :) always happy to help.
  12. On the menus I get from Pizza Hut and Dominoes it always says 'our drivers carry no more than £10 (i think it was 10) in change'. Dont know why anyone would want to rob them lol.
  13. Nah man, I had way more on me at any given moment. I worked at a local chain though. We cashed in at the end of the night.

  14. thats bull, just so you don't rob anyone. Drivers carry plenty of cash
  15. nothings as bad as no job
  16. I believe the statistics are based on the job description and the vulnerability attached to said job. I mean you're walking up to a strangers house, all you know about them is there first name and hopefully their real address. But a few buddies I know work for Jimmy Johns as drivers in a SHITTY college town filled with crime and the worst that has happened to them was just no tip.
  17. Didn't I hear even Herman Cain saying he wouldn't allow his drivers to deliver in certain areas for their safety?
  18. I delivered pizza back when I was 16 and fresh on the road, nothing more dangerous than that.

    I honestly loved the freedom, I would smoke all the time to deliveries (and even sold a little on the side )
  19. Back in the day I worked for papa john's and pizza hut.. sometimes it can be super super sketch. I just drove around blazed up and listen to some music. Was a great job, the tips were really nice. I live in a small town and the most tips in a night I received was around $180 in one night.

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