Are pistils a sign of the start of flower?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Dannible, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. I have had this plant, from a very small size, possibly 10 inches, he wrecked, he smelled and already had pistils, it's been about 2 months and outdoor he has reached around 3 1/2 feet, smelly as ever and he has nice pistols on each node level, but just the beginning 2 sets of pistols per node, they haven't grown since, just like they were the day they showed.. just a higher population of them, no bud growth as far as I can tell, any ideas or am I missing something? This is my first outdoor grow and I'm pretty new to this and I'm going as it grows but any help would do wonders, thanks friends.

  2. Yes, you'll eventually get a bunch and then buds will start to form.
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  3. Truee lucky youuu


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  4. She ;).

    Never call it a "he", unless you're breeding. Bad juju!
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  5. Haha my bad, and is it normal for the pistils to show for so long and not grow out yet? I'm just wondering if it takes a while to start up the flower outdoors/ is something wrong or causing it not to flower. Just not completely sure guys, probably just a rookie question but thanks for the help :p

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  6. Got to be patient man. They will eventually swell up and fill in! You'll be wondering what to do with it all come September.

    Maybe @spliffington can add more since she disagrees with me.
  7. do you leave the plants outdoors all the time? Never move them in? Where do you live? (not exactly, just say the states or whereever)
    In the states the autumnal equinox has not happened yet. Thats when the light cycle changes to 12/12 naturally. Once that happens your outdoor plants will begin to grow flowers, unless they are autoflowering, which I would guess they are not since they are so tall.
    I have 3 plants outdoors right now, and they have been for over 2 months now (got em out in early may). They are over 6ft tall and all the pistils are showing on all of them, but no flowers because they still get more than 12 hours of light a day.
    Autumn Equinox 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 4:02 PM on
    September 22
    All times are in Eastern Time.

    Edit: your plants may start flowering before sept 22nd. 12/12 is the trigger. So you can actually make it flower sooner if you want to.
  8. Thank you so much, this is what I mean, thank you all, I was just not sure the exact times and when It will actually start. This is my first outdoor and I was just curious on when it will grow, thank you all for the help, also! I have another little resolution to this problem.. I was wondering if I can transport the Plant inside, I'm getting a 300 watt LED and Grow Tent and I wanted to know if I could bring them in just for flower.. would that shock them much? Or should I be fine? I'm just stuck between getting a Mars Hydro 300/ or a Viperspectra 300!

    And, live in South Texas (couple miles above Houston) and I leave them outdoor everyday, one thing that has been a small problem is light pollution, sometimes it's really hard to find an absolutely dark spot since I live in an urban neighborhood, but I did find one. The only problem with these guys is it gets pretty hot outside, but that's texas for ya! But they have been outside for the longest. I usually start seedlings inside for the first 2 nodes just to help them get an easier start, but I just really wanted to move this guy in for flower

    Thank you all for all the help, this really means a lot to me!

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  9. Yea no he always she
  10. well being outdoors, the light from the city isn't considered polution I wouldn't think. Its not gonna have the intensity to really affect anything at all. As far as bringing them inside, yes, you absolutely could. There are many people on this site that do just that.
    As far as the heat, if your gonna continue to grow outside, you may want to do some research into what strains are best with high heat/low humidity. There are definitely strains that are better bred to handle the high temps. But as long as you keep them watered well you shouldn't have too many issues I wouldn't think.

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