Are pigs suposed to have a reason to pull you over?

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  1. The other day I was walking down the street of the tiny ass farming town of Canby about 10 miles from where I live (just cause I felt like going for a long walk). It was about 9 pm, I had a back pack on that was completly empty and basicly nothing in my pockets, so I had nothing to worry about realy. (Literaly all I had on me was a pack of smokes, a lighter, and my wallet)

    Then this fucking pig pulls into a parking lot so he is basicly on the side walk behind me and hits his lights, totaly snuck up on me. Guess what this mother fuckers excuse was for pulling me over? He didnt recognize me. What the fuck kind of shit is that? Is that even legal? dont they need some kind of a reason to pull some one over?

    The hole incounter only lasted about 20 minutes, but there were some fucking retarded question in that 20 minutes. My favorite of all the questions is, "why are your pupils dialated?" "Because your shining a flashlight in them sir". (I always act very respectful when talking to cops).

    And he kept asking me if I would let him search me, and I kept saying "with all do respect sir you do not have my consent nor the right to search me." and of course he kept asking why not, and I kept telling him because I have the right to refuse. He also kept saying he didnt buy my story of I was just going for a walk for the hell of it. He was a fat mofo btw.

    I was waiting to see if he was going to illegaly search me by force, but he finaly let me go. So can they be justified in pulling someone over just cause they have never seen him befor?
  2. first of all. no one "pulled you over". you were walking down the street lol.

    second of all. you live in a "tiny ass town". people in tiny ass towns tend to be stupid, especially the cops. everyone recognizes everyone in small towns so he was just wondering why he had never seen you around before. i suppose that's a legitamate stupid cop reason to stop somebody in a small ass town...

    ALSO. cops don't need a reason to stop people walking down the street i don't think. you could be suspicious because you had a backpack on idk. cops will use any excuse to stop you. they don't really NEED legitamate reasons because they are the cops. they will just make one up if they need to it doesn't really matter. you can't do anything about that really

    ALSO. i think if it's passed curfew, they are allowed to stop anyone walking down the street that might not be 18
  3. i second the curfew idea.

    in most places, there is a curfew and if you look young, they'll stop. most of the time they'll stop even if you don't look young.
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    Well I am a midget. but the guy was still an ass hole.

    *edit, One time a cop pulled me over while I was driving, I asked why I was pulled over and he said it was because he thought my tags were expired. (and they wernt) So they can make up some mega BS reasons.
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    "people in small towns tend to be stupid" wow....generalizing..

    What about living in a small town means you have a tendency to be stupid?

    Anyway cops in small towns usually have nothing better to do and will usually check out anyone who looks out of place.

    Happens here if anyone is hanging out where they really shouldn't be and especially at night and I appreciate the cops in my town who do check out anyone looking suspicious as long as they arn't harassing people. Nothing wrong with rolling up to make sure everything is fine.
  6. wait. ur a midget? for real? if so, then that is why cops stop you. they probably assume you're a kid from a distance.

    and sorry. im not talking about anyone specifically. i just like to generalize because i think it's fun. i dont actually think all people from small towns are stupid. it's just small towns usually have schools that are funded less resulting in lower education levels... idk maybe i shouldnt follow statistics... they are usually wrong?
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    Lol not a real midget haha, I am 5' 3". So I kinda look 12 except for the goattee.

    *edit, and yeah my school was actualy rich cuase they get privetly funded somehow. Back in 2004 (2 years befor I graduated from canby high but I lived in oregon city) they got a 4 million dollar add on to the building with an $80,000 green house behind it.
  8. Because inner city schools give such a good education..:rolleyes:

    They get less funding because there are less kids.

    just sayin.
  9. Pupils don't dilate in light, they contract.
  10. I'd let him search me if all I had on me was a pack of smokes and a lighter, seeing as you live in a small ass town.

    Next time he'll pull you over again cause you were exercising your right to refuse a search (generally, cops in small towns don't appreciate this at all) and if you have weed on you then, you're fucked. If you consented to the search now and he found nothing illegal he'd probably scratch you off his shit-list.

    But that's just my uptight logic.
  11. lol I know but he actualy said dialate too.
  12. I realy just didnt want him to touch me, and I have the right to refuse if I am not doing anything wrong. BTW the cops in this town are so dirty and fucked up that is why I purposly had nothing in my pockets. They are known to mess with me, I have Stitt for luck.
  13. Your pupils were dilated because it was dark out and it allows our eyes to take in more light to see.

    That sucks though I'm surprised he held you for 20 minutes. I guess cops have nothing better to do then to harass people who look out of place.
  14. They need a reason, but they can make up a reason, even if that reason really isnt legal.
  15. It was kinda like rambo first blood, damn pigs just jealous of my hair lol.
  16. They can stop you and ask you questions, If they can smell something or see anything illegal they have the right to search you, if not they have no right.
  17. People who go to public schools are better prepared for the real world. Not academically but to deal with real life situations.

    You learn things in these schools that your small town, suburb, etc schools would have no clue about. :)

    I've met so many kids who went to small schools or the suburb schools that have their heads so far up their ass it isn't funny. Absolutely no clue at what goes on around them. ;)
  18. I'm not trying to speak on behalf of who made the "tend to be stupid" comment, but I think he was more referring to this, which of course, is a fucking stupid reason to stop anyone that is basically not doing anything but walking down the street.

    And yeah, it did remind me of the movie First Blood, but let's try and keep in mind that it's a movie, and is not supposed to imitate real life.

    I'm sorry, I do have respect for LEOs and the job they have to do, but doing shit because you're bored or because you can is not a reason to violate anyone's rights. That's called just being a dick and abusing the power given to you. From the sounds of it, this cop was doing exactly that, harassing the shit out of him for basically no reason.
  19. I completely agree.

    However, the Q&A session should last all of two minutes. Standing there grilling him for 20 minutes should be considered harassment, especially when it's clear he had no PC grounds to stand on.

  20. He ran my ID too, so I had to stand there while he did that. I was being coopritive, I just didnt feel like being patted down or searched, and I have that right.

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that he only did it because he was bored. And yet this little town is over run by mexican gangs, but the pigs are to scared to go deal with the real criminals because they shoot back. (literaly there are a lot of gang shoot outs in the town of Canby)

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