Are percs worth it

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  1. So I’m buying a new bong and I’ve been looking at some rigs around 18” tall with double honeycomb percs and a tree perc above it. I’ve heard the honeycomb and tree percs are really nice and give a smooth hit. I wanted to know if the tree perc will break easily and also if the percs are worth it.

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  2. If the tree perc isn't open ended and just has slits I wouldn't buy it. they get clogged easily and are harder to keep clean. I'd rather have just the double honey comb and throw on a small ash catcher. that way you can decide if you want that extra perc or not.
  3. When u first purchase it it's worth it at first...U get nice and higher...Until u realize those huge bong rips on Danky dank just lifted your tolerance level to another LEVEL in the first 2 days making you need to eventually smoke more to get that same high...

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