Are My Seedlings Okay so far?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by BlackSabbath21, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. sup stoners i just wanted to know if my 2 seedlings look fine or some reason im all paranoid if i see one litte thing wrong with em, one em the catleydon or however the fuck u spell it is drooping..i think i might have overwatered it though, by the way the healthier looking ones stem is like fucking almost 3 inches i put more soil though, and yes those are ramen noodle cups [​IMG] im using miracle grow 6 month release, ive heard how MG sucks but i took out as many of those little balls out of the soil, im pretty sure thats what holds the nutes, these are like almost a week old i think, and my third attempted grow i fucked the other 2 seedling cause i put em in the sun way to early..RIP White Widow

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  2. First of all don't refer to the community as stoner's, I dont appreciate that. Secondly, those little white balls you pulled out are not nutrients, they are called perlite. They allow for increased water drainage and increased air flow in the soil, BOTH crucial for proper strong root development. as for your seedlings ( which are hard to see) look fine. They seem to be healthy. As for the Top Ramen noodle cups, does light penetrate the cups, I have never used that type of container and not sure if light gets through. It is crucial no light gets through to the roots. Hope this makes you feel better, maybe next time post in another category, this is for sick plants.
  3. first off why the fuck are u here if ur not a stoner, second i know what perlite is fuckin moron, theres these little balls that u can squish and liquid comes out, and third i am happy now thanks very much fuckin asshole
  4. your very welcome, also I do smoke weed.
  5. he's only helping you out here man, you should say thanks & be nice.
  6. yeah be nice man. some times criticism has to happen so u can see the big picture. saves a lot of guessing and it was meant as help even tho some remarks could be toned down a bit. ( i agree) making me think twice about posting on ere just incase it starts some civil war lol....please everyone, be nice.
  7. Not everyone tht is here in GrassCity has to be stoner and obviously ppl like u dnt know tht or just asume tht u have to be one if ur using this..
  8. Yeah, bro...he was just trying to help you might want to relax a bit...why get mad because he doesn't like to be called a stoner? He still answered your questions and tried to RELAX
  9. Hahah you're such an asshole.

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