Are my seedlings looking healthy? Any suggestions if they could be better?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jacobm10, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Soil looks very dry
    Would help if you put what soil lighting temps and rh was then we might be able to help you some more

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  2. See i always thought the soil looks dry too but when i told people on here i was watering it twice a day they flipped! They told to wait 2-3 days to water again. So i havent watered it in 24 hours. And my soil is miracle gro organic. Unfortunately temps i couldnt tell you because i dont have a thermometer in there, but it seems barely warmer than room temp in there when i open it. Im using a 26 watt 6400 k 1600 lumen CFL light.

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  3. twice a day is too much watering about an inch down into the soil is it moist?
    how close is the light 26w isnt really alot you could do with some more lighting especially for 2 seedlings
    What are you using to water them ? straight tap water? is it the correct ph?
  4. It seems darker about an inch down so i assume that means it is moist. The light right now is about 4 inches from the plants. Yes I am using tap water. Not sure about the PH as i do not have any strips to test it, but i let it sit out a while to help neutralize it

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