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are my plants healthy

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by danbigbud123, Jan 4, 2013.

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    My plants are 6 days old I am using all the correct equipment 400 watt light so on and so on this is my first grow bit of advice please



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  2. healthy but hungry for a feed!
  3. oh and watch that stretching :D
  4. Really? I think it's hot soil. What are you using for soil and nutes?

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  5. yellowing leaves, reddish stems and no curling leaves? -

    more NPK i'd say
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    Wheres your Ph? Bet its wrong. With this many deficiencies.
  7. Could be but no burn.
  8. Yeah you guys are right. I didn't look at the second and third pic close enough. The first looks like a two week old seedling.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  9. Dont feed em any nutes yet buddy, give it some time.
  10. This.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  11. Still think its a ph problem.
  12. More info could definitely make diagnosis easier.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  13. Im 90% positive. You can start and grow healthy seedlings in rockwool for two weeks with only phd water.
  14. Im using standard potting soil from a garden centre no nutes yet just water with a ph of 6.5 they ate growing more everyday I checked this morning and the one in the firs pic now has yellow spoys on leaves?
  15. It seems that they are getting too much of something. I would transplant to perhaps a good quality potting soil like Canna.
    The cheaper mixes from the big stores are not really suited for marajuana, like the babies you have. It is such a resiliant plant I am sure yours will survive if it's enviroment is not too hot, good luck.

  16. I have bought a decent fan today and some j innes potting soil should i transfer to bigger pots using new soil?
  17. I have just got a fan to keep them cooler and john innes potting soil should i repot and see how it goes?

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