are my girls ready?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by toadnuts, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I have pics can anyone tell me how long i have left?????

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  2. Looks like you might have a couple more weeks left, its hard to tell though with the flash on the buds makeing it pretty hard to see the stigmas and other things.
    Also, try to get a picture of the trichs under a microscope, that will be much easer to use to tell when its ready.
  3. do you know what strain your growing?

  4. papaya from the doc is the strain.....more pics...let me know what you think!!!!:hello:

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  5. how would i take a pic of the trics i have a pocket microscope......
  6. dont know about a pic
    you can get a tripod and put your camera on macro setting and take a really close shot.

    but i dont know about using the microscope that would be some adaptor for a SLR camera I would believe.

  7. Looks like it needs more time. How much? I'm not sure. What % of the trichs are cloudy? A good rule to follow: When you are sure that they are done, give them 1 more week.

    I just use a jewler's loupe to check trichs. 75% cloudy for Sativas and 50% for Indicas. That is just my preference.
  8. 20 percent amber 15 percent clear and the rest are cloudy thanks
  9. if thats what the trics are I would flush and wait a week thats what i prefer mostly cloudy
  10. nice i want it half and half.... how long should i wait?
  11. is that a outdoor s o g ? lookin good id wait at least 2 weeks ,but hey thats me- try to post up some pics of the finished herb, good job
  12. yes it is a lsted outdoor plant and it looks great! thanks for the help...will post harvest pics in about 2 or 3 weeks..
  13. That brown leaf at the top of the bud in the last picture, is it just me or does that look like mold to you guys. I had a few problems with mold this year and that is exactly what it looked like. In the event it is mold i would say cut the that bud and check the plant over very well.
  14. Jeff, ya I have had mold problems before too. That leaf is not really the onset of mold.. those dead leaves are a harbour for the mold to ride up into the bud... once there, gray mold usually attacks the inside of the bud to where you can't see it working.. them portray's itself as it eats a big chunk out of your nug..

    Toadguy, I would be weary of those dead leaves on your buds.. like I said it's a harbor for molds and disease. I would do my best especially as the fall moves on to get rid of those dead leaves, expecially ones emerging from big cola's.. Just to save yourself the pain in the #@# of molding buds..

    They sure are pretty though.. good work on them.. mine still need like a month!
  15. I was thinking mold when I saw that too. I'd take that cola off and trim the mold off of it. Better than spreading over the rest of the bud:confused:
  16. I should have been more clear, not the leave itself but the brown patch on the bud behind it.
  17. Hey bro , my plants were doing the same thing earlier this year.I thought nothing of it and in 2 weeks it took over 1/2 of my 3 foot tall plant (2 of of my plants).They recovered but i would hate to see your bud do the same....also were the "infection" hit , it never had any new growth there. Just some FYI.
  18. thanks guys i removed the infected area and will go through the plant with a fine tooth comb...thanks everyone
  19. i went through the plant and saw no more mold spots. I think i have 2 weeks left because most of the plant is cloudy and half and half and amber being 25 percent and 10 percent clear.. do you guys agree? Also I took a pic of my place that i will dry buds in is it good enough?

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