Are My Calluses Scratching My Gfs Vagina?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by jizzledfreq, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. So for some reason every time I go to finger my girlfriends vag, or spread her lips so I can get my member inside her, she experiences a scratching feeling which she always blamed on my nails. Today she was mildly wet (don't think she'll ever be soaking until she decides to get drunk or high...)
    Here's the deal though...
    I'm a guitar play and try to keep my nails short (because you can't be a good guitarist with long nails, it's just not going to happen). So I looked at my finger nails and they are short, like not even past my fingertips. The only thing I could think of that would explain her being scratched is the calluses on my fingers because I play a lot of guitar (sometimes up to two hours a day). 
    Any of your girls who have hooked up with guitarists or have BF's who are guitarists experience this?

  2. use lube calusses shouldnt feel scratchy naw mean?
  3. Do you ever file your finger nails? Even though you have short nails they might be jagged and scratch her that way. Maybe you should get a pumice stone and kind of buff it out a little bit.
    My woman has a problem with lube... I bought some astroglide to lube things up down there because breastfeeding makes you dry as a bone, and she didn't like the feel of it, and will no longer consider any artificial lubrication. Even if I eat her out and try to poke my fingers in her it apparently scratches her still with all the lubrication :confused_2:
    Never, but I do own a pumice stone. They don't really feel jagged as I look at them or when I rub my fingers across them but I guess I could give it a try, I've got nothing to loose really.
  5. I've had girls complain in the past before too. And I'm a seasoned guitarist. Maybe it is the calluses. :confused_2:
    Use hand lotion on the reg, pal. It doesn't tarnish your calluses, but makes them softer to the touch. Maybe that'll fix'er.
  6. Actually you have a vagina to loose. But nothing to lose.
  7. Bam.
    I wouldn't missing out on anything, it's not like I get laid on the regular. Sex is literally like a once a month thing...
  9. use your dick more
  10. I thought he was making a joke about loose vs lose. Like the vagina is loose. Or.. Something. Idk

    Maybe lotion seems like a good idea. Guys, white guys in particular just don't use it much do we? :p

    Anyway the open honesty about your sex routine is admirable but its like I can smell haters coming from the trees to make comments about they get laid everyday, or something to that extent.
  11. Dude.......... try it with your right hand instead of your fretting hand and see if her discomfort is still there.   Easy peasy bro.
  12. Try using olive oil, although if you as using condemns probably not a good idea, olive oil may not give her that fee.g she doesn't want. I've used olive oil in the past and it works really really well.
  13. Yeah dude, if it's the left hand, it's the calluses. If the right hand does it too, then I guess your girlfriend is just weird.
  14. Dont take it personally, your girlfriend complained about my hands as well. 
  15. Coconut oil ftw

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