Are my buds small for 400w hps/7weeks?

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  1. Looks about right.

    A 400W isn't generally going to fill in all of your branches like mad and give you a pound. HID isn't really the type of bud magic that people spin it as. Those mega filled-in grows are usually under a 1000W.

    Your plants also look very happy and healthy, and I'm sure you'll be pleased with that bud. You did a good job.

    For more filled-in results, make sure you use a phosphorus/potassium load (generally used in the final couple weeks). They're basically all the same so I'd just get the cheapest, unless one has a way whack proportion of P and K. They really do work.

    I also recommend the product Bud XL, though I'm not entirely sure what it does. It definitely affects the flowers in a positive way, that's for sure. Seems to increase both size and trichome production.

    You can also try side-lighting with fluorescents. My plants seem to really really like side lighting. Check out the micro grows forum for proof that fluorescents work fine. And they won't exacerbate any heat problems.
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    lookin sweet dawg
    what strain ?

    most buds pack in the resin in the last 1 or 2 weeks
    so you should see some nice growth soon if your only on 7 weeks
  3. I see two things.
    1. No red hairs. You have at least 3 more weeks to go. They might even double in size. Some strains pack on the weight in the last 2 weeks. Maybe even 4 weeks to go. The calyx are still small and have not started filling in. The hairs are a bit yellow some brown but only slightly. I bet at least 3 weeks.

    2. The plan is healthy and the leaves, besides slightly burned tips are rigid and not yet curling down. Also indicates you have a ways to go.

    If your not adding molasses at 1 tablespoon per gallon, I would start doing so to give the plant extra carbs to focus on the flowers.

    I bet your next picture in a week will show substantial added mass.
  4. yeah man get some pics up with the hps off so we can get a better idea of what it looks like

  5. This is likely not correct. There are a significant amount of shriveling hairs that I see, and that's largely what occurs in the last week, as well as increased resin production. Judging by what I can see of the plant, it's a heavily indica strain which means the finish will be at about 8 weeks.

    The buds will fatten up as the hairs shrivel and look more bud-like, but I wouldn't expect lots more growth at this point.

    Make sure you harvest by MICROSCOPE, not by trying to guess it by how much of the hair has shriveled. Just leaving your buds for another couple weeks because they seem to still be growing a little will compromise quality in a significant way.

  6. We'll see...
    Yes, trichs are the best indicator, but there's no way all those hairs will turn red in a week. You can see the crystals from the trichs and they are the same color as the light. It also looks to be a hybrid.
  7. id let it go 2 moe weeks
  8. Reccomending a product that you self admittedly aren't sure what it does? Tisk tisk :)

    To the OP. How big is the plant over all? Is it in Soil? What strain?
  9. This.
  10. Looks really good. But i notice the leaves are burning on the tips. Try less fertilizer or lift ur light. But good job...
  11. thats supposed to happen close to harvest...

  12. They're fairly hush hush about it. I do know that it's not something that does any genetic tweaking, and it's not anything toxic. Supposedly it makes the plant draw sugars from its veg growth into the buds, but they claim effects beyond what would be expected from just that (and they seem to be true, in my experience).

  13. those 1000W are still HID lights. just more watts is all. 400w is fine, you really only need more watts for a bigger space. unless your concerned about electricity costs, HID is the way to go.

    Danny Danko's Get Growing Now: A Beginners Guide

  14. I know they're both HID... my point is that 1000W of ANYTHING will give you fantastic results. That's a shitload of power.

    Problem is, with how much everyone fellatiates HID, people think a 250W or a 400W is gonna do the same thing automatically on their first grow.
  15. fellatiates?.....intense.

  16. this made me lol just a lil

    on tuesday, it will be 8 weeks for all 3.
    i will cut 1 on the 8 week mark
    the next on the 9 week mark
    and the last on the 10 week mark

    one is a 8 week strain
    one is a 9 week strain
    and the last is a 10 week strain

    i know for the "8 week" strain, i should go like 9 weeks, for the "9 week" strain, i should go like 10 weeks, and for the "9-10 week" strain, i should go like 11 weeks only because the websites liiie ! lol

    but ima just do it at 8/9/10 weeks because i dont wanna wait, moneys tight, buds' sparse and im tryna get hiiiigh and get rich for a lil bit.

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