Are my balls about to explode?!

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    Hopefully that got your attention :wave:

    I got this little male outside that I want to collect pollen from. I've never had a male before so I don't know how they develop, or when the sacs open up. I don't want them to open some day when I'm not around; and I don't wanna pick them off too early.

    So can anyone help me figure it out? Will they all open at once, or will it keep producing pollen for a few days?
    I plan on just picking the balls off into a glass jar and drying it all out.

    edit: forgot mah pics:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. you have alil bit yet they'll droop.and yes it should produce pollen for few days
  3. They'll droop down before they open? Cool thanks man, I can keep a close eye on it most days so I prob wont miss my chance to collect pollen
  4. I never seen a male plant fully bloomed, ugly motherfuckers.

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