Are my babies stretching alittle?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by FortysAndBlunts, May 29, 2009.

  1. Are they stretching alittle or is it just me?


  2. they look fine nice work
  3. No they are not stretching a little - they are stretching A LOT !!!
  4. Fuck, are you kidding me? Ive never had my plants stretch before.
  5. Can i get ayone elses opinion on this, and if they are stretching can someone tell me how to correct this, i never had plants stretch, im a stretching virgin.:D
  6. IMO it looks like they are stretching a lil bit but not much. if i was u i would put soil around the stalk as far up as u could to the lowest set of leaves then theyll start to grow extra roots along the stem u buried.they may blow over and die if u dont
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    Ill add some nice compost to them up to the rim of the cup.

    edit: and i dont need to worry about them blowing over because its surrounded by brush and bushes and its down low so that no wind gets down there. Knock on wood.
  8. Yeah they are stretching some. But just do what was said.

    Add some soil around the base of the plant. Dont bury the cotyledons.

    They'll be fine.
  9. deffinately stretching.

    everyone here gave you good advice though.

    good luck!
  10. Question is WHY are they stretching. Usually stretching is due to a lack of light. Make sure they are getting enough.
  11. They are well streched. Give them more light.
  12. when u transplant to the ground make sure u dig up the ground like 2 X 2 feet minimum and add lime aswell..and yes make sure u find a better spot with more light

  13. It's not the light. I'm in a swamp with little to no trees around. It gets about 10 hours of direct sunlight.
  14. u said its in tall grass tho so id say thats why they arent getting light..
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    Dude, no offense but I've been growing for 10 years, I think that I probably know alittle more about growing than you do and I'm telling you, they get plenty of light. The bushes around it are short and like 5 feet away. It gets 10+ hours of direct sun.
  16. They are fine. when you transplant them make sure you burry them deep. Almost all the way to to the first leaf set and they will then thicken up quite nicely. They are good healthy sprouts!
  17. um did i mention how long i grew for? do u already know?(wow must be a mindreader) do u think ur better then every1 else cus u say u have ten years under ur belt.. doesnt mean they where good or successful years, either way if uve been growing for ten years u havent been doing very well if ur plants are stretching...also i believe ive already givin u information that u didnt know.. and sorry for giving u an opinion of why they are stretching i had mine in grass b4 and they did shitty cus depending how tall this grass is it is probably blocking the sun or filtering it with shade.. u say 10 hours a day but did u sit there and watch that or are u just assuming.. dont assume cus ull make an ass out of u and me..u also dont seem like an experienced grower cus of ur location and from what i can see in ur pics lol u have them on a board on a swamp with nothing surrounding it( if u really grew that long ud have them holes dug with a min of 5 gal of soil in it by now.. ur more then likely gonna get caught by a chopper someone will steal it. itll flood and theyll die or animals are gonna eat them. anyways yes its offensive when idiots open there mouth when they think they know more but are asking dumb questions then tell the people who are answering it that they are wrong and u know more..funny i dont have anything posted in plant problems whats so ever. think about it buddy ur whole thread is called are my babies stretching a little ..tells me u dont know shit.. and i was one of the first people to answer and wow every1 pretty much answered the same..
  18. Peace, all. :smoking:
  19. damn..
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    Dude, fucking relax, I wasn't dissing you, I wasn't even saying that I've grown longer than you, all I was saying is that I know how much sunlight their getting and it's not the sunlight that's making them stretch

    Edit: and Dude, stop being so rude, it makes you sound like an ass. No offense by that. I'm not trying to start a fight with you. I'm a chill guy, hell I'm even taking a shit while I'm writing this

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