are munchies unhealthy?

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. when I'm high i sometimes feel like i can eat anything. just had a cake thing and jalapeno chips :smoke:

    could it be that eating food like that is healthier when you are stoned ?
  2. i never get the munchies for shit junk food.
    i seriously get the healthy munchies.
    like fruit and vegtables and shit like that
    stuff that i dont normally eat when im sober
  3. that could work too but there isnt really healthy food in my house *suicide*

    baby carrots are chill- high munchies
  4. eating unhealthy food is bad in the first place. why would eating it in bulk make it healthy?
  5. About 1/3 of the time I'll ignore my munchies.

    1/3 of the time I'll eat fruits and vegetables. Apples are always fantastic.
    I got a little weird and put (fresh) jalapeno pepper slices and apples together and let them sit in the same container in the fridge for a while before I ate them, and it ruined my apple slices. They got a pepper infused flavor (gross) and got all grainy.

    1/3 of the time I'll epic fail and eat a shit ton of junk food. A while ago, I was like, I'm just going to eat celery, but no matter how much I ate, I was still hungry, so the junk food binge ensued.

    Junk always kills my buzz. Healthy food does not. You feel like crap when you eat crap, it's just not as noticeable when you're sober.
  6. true. i only eat this food once in a while, but i know people who eat way worse and somehow i never gain weight

    what healthy food's is everyone into?
  7. I hope you were baked as fuck when you wrote this because that question is completely idiotic.

    Read it back to yourself

    "Could it be that eating shitty food is healthier for you when you're stoned".

  8. No. Just look at the people who always eat shit food when they're high. I'm vegan so I never really run into that problem :D Hummus wraps are the dankity dank
  9. Fruit is amazing while blazed...

    Avoid smoking on an empty stomach, I like to toke AFTER I've had something to eat.
  10. weed has some amazing health benefits like anti cancer according to some studies.......... but i guess that doesn't prove that it makes eating unhealthy food any better ;/

    i am very high and need to pass out soon, i've been lacking sleep lately and i ate a firecracker and smoked some amazing legal kush

  11. This.

    Try it guys. Healthy foods are actually fun to eat high. Try the following:
    Rice Cakes
    Any Fruit (I like Apples, Oranges, and Pears)
    Fruit "Leather" (Dried jerky-like strips of fruit pulp)
    Healthy-ish kinds of organic pretzels
  12. I second that. To tell you the truth, I never get the munchies right away. For some reason, it takes at least two hours after session for me to get the munchies. Then that's all she wrote.
  13. Um. Junk food is bad for you no matter what drug you are on. Simple common sense...
  14. Or while stoned? This is a dumb thread lol. Unhealthy food is unhealthy all the time, not just when you're stoned or sober. Everything in moderation and the junk food shouldn't fuck you up that bad.
  15. I'm the same way. I think I may have conditioned myself to be this way because all through high school I had to maintain weight for wrestling, and I hate exercising high, so I would wait until I was pretty much down after smoking to munch out, that way I could just hit the gym.

    Now I rarely eat when I'm high, and if I do it's just something like beef jerky. I miss being able to eat fruit :(
  16. I would much rather eat a meal and then smoke. Even if i do get the munchies i go eat some fruit. My favorites are Grapes( earths gushers), Star Fruit, Kiwi;s,and mandarin oranges.

    That or i get into my big bag of Deer Jerky. But i guess there is one day a week i do go all out on "unhealthy" munchies which is NFL Sunday. Bratwurst, chicken wings, chili cheese dip, and ect. ect.!

    Just limit yourself to unhealthy foods. If not start working out. I do both and i say im a pretty fit smoker.

    Bunga :wave:

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