Are men and women equal?

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  1. Exactly what the title says.. Are men and women equal?
  2. Nope, I think there are a slightly fewer men than women. Other than that, pretty much. :smoke:
  3. Equal in what ways?
  4. Men = Women - Wo

    In the mathematical sense, no.

    Edit: It might actually be Men = Women/Wo (depends how you wanna look at it)
  5. Men has penis. Women has vagina.

    Men are usually physically stronger and more athletic. Women are generally smarter and more emotional.
  6. Men has penis. Women has vagina.

    Men are usually physically bigger and more athletic. Women are generally smarter and more emotional.
  7. I feel like neither gender is smarter than the other. I dunno, I think we're equal, but there's alot of fuckin double standards in society.
  8. I once heard a hunter-gather society compared to the way men and women shop.

    Men have a single (or small list) of items that they require. They go into the store, hunt the item down, take it to the register, and make the kill.
    Women spend time in the store. They compare the colors and textures. They try things out, they notice everything, sometimes going to a store without knowing what she will get, only that she will get something. Much like looking for the best berries and roots.
  9. When you take a step back, it is actually a woman's world. they have so much power over men but a lot of them just like to play the victim card.

    -women have it easier when it comes to finding a date
    -women have it easier when it comes to shopping for clothes
    -women have it easier in the workplace
    -women can use their body to get things (if they choose); positions of power (pun intended), money, fame, etc.
    -women, you cant live with them but you cant live without them
    -women make babies, with little help from us men
    -women get special treatment just because... they are women pretty much everywhere you go
  10. Only in cultures like ours. Some countries stone their women to death because she was suspected of getting raped.
    My high is going away, I need to reload.
  11. well i heard a joke about muslim cultures, the reason they treat their women the way they do is because the men are scared shitless of them.

    women can be frightening at certain times of the month... like a powder keg.
  12. In my mind, yes. Race, gender, age... People are people and should be treated as such.
  13. equal in the world we live in? no, not yet.
  14. That's the biggest crock of shit I've read. Sure women are treated more equally, but there is still vast amounts of discrimination towards women in the workplace, and around the world.
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    Depends. Are we comparing each group while driving and/or operating machinery?

    Edit: joking by the way.

    Both genders are better at certain things.

  16. Men and women are politically and mentally equal in potential. In every other sense, no.

  17. The delusion and self pity is overwhelming. I get treated with respect everywhere I go because I demand it. And I have a dick. :eek:
  18. Tl;Dr at the bottom.

    No. Whether you like it or not, due to how humans and society evolved over time we can not be equal at this point. Like our society, our bodies evolve to be more and more efficient. Since men and women have always had to rely on each other for obvious reasons, it only makes sense that some roles were picked up by women while men attained others. Why? Because of efficiency. It works out better for everyone if they specialize rather than try and be a jack of all trades. Obviously this idea worked since we're here today talking about it. We are who we are today because men long ago realized that due to differences in our biological composure, men were meant to be the hunters. Women had the skills implanted into their DNA to stay at home with the children, taking care of them and the household as the man was out risking his life to feed his family. It was like this from the time we were living in caves till this century rolled around. Remember that our bodies have been constantly evolving through the generations, making each person better at there specific function.

    So this latest century rolls up. Some people get it in their head that they don't LIKE the choices their ancestors made so that they could survive. Attempts to change this are made. Sure, it has had an impact on society. Yea, the previous roles have been somewhat mixed around. But the fact is, while society can change on the drop of penny, thousands of years of evolution will not budge so easily. You cannot change the fact that males will always be more aggressive, stronger and emotionally controlled than your average female (I'm really trying not to name qualities here, it's beside the point) while females will be brighter and more able in social situations (parenting for one) than your average male.

    What we have today is an attempt to mix these gender rolls, not for the sake of efficiency or good of all humanity, but for personal gain. Granted, I'm not saying sexism doesn't exist, a while back a women scientist was all but unheard of and god forbid should one get into congress to make decisions that could impact the entire country! But it goes both ways. Back in those days, women could go to war, they had the choice (although I don't think they were allowed in any actual fighting). Men though? Once you were drafted you'd have to saw off your leg before they would even consider leaving you behind. These were actual issues, but have since been largely resolved. Today people bitch about how the opposite gender is marginally making more money than them in their respective fields and just how "unfair" it is. Except for the odd case, there's a perfectly good reason why it's like that. We live in a society that runs on capitalism, there are going to be losers and winners. All that matters is the picture. Men and women are actually very equal in terms of rights and what they can/can't do. Unfortunately that means that the thousands of years of evolution will go to waste on some people, since they opt to give in to there greed instead of whats meant for them, whats meant for all of us. Today's generation is fucking us over and thinking they're doing a good job.

    Eventually, in about 5000 years or so if we keep up todays trends, evolution's work will be undone and we will truly be at an equal footing. But what we sacrifice in doing so, the exponential progress brought about by efficiency, will set us back far from where our ancestors originally intended us to be. We could be gods but we choose to bottleneck our potential with the guise of living in an "equal" world, where the only difference between then and now is a world full of people in pain, dying, starving, fighting, and any number of the same problems that we have always faced, but without the excuse of losing out to luck. Instead of moving towards an end to all of this, we choose to cloud our minds with insignificant problems that can only come from living in a society like ours, were we can afford to pull this kind of bullshit.

    We can go on like this for some time longer. But it's really all up to chance, eventually some asshole will successfully detonate a nuke and send most of us to hell, all that is needed is time and there's plenty of that. There's nothing we can do but slow down the inevitable in our current age, so our only hope for an actual future can come through advancing our technology (and ourselves) to the point of where something like a nuclear apocalypse can never happen.

    How? Well, realizing you have your skills and I have mine, so lets use them to our full advantage would certainly be a good start.

    Tl;dr: Men and women have roles in society. Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to compliment this. By mixing gender roles we choose to ignore the benefits of evolution and ultimately slow our technological and personal advancements in life, all for the sake of greed.

    Note: I'm referring to America and most 1st world countries here. Yes, I know, shits different in other parts of the world. But eventually those 3rd world countries will evolve and the same logic will apply.
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    -women have it easier in the workplace
    Umm no. I have been sexually harassed and even assaulted in the work place. You know how uncomfortable that is?!!

    -women can use their body to get things (if they choose); positions of power (pun intended), money, fame, etc.
    Yeahh men can too.

    -women, you cant live with them but you cant live without them
    Men too?

    -women make babies, with little help from us men
    Yeahh and we have to push the 8 pound suckers out!

    -women get special treatment just because... they are women pretty much everywhere you go
    They also get degraded and spoken down too. Harassed and hurt. Men do too, but not as much.

    It's not equal. If it was we would be paid equally.. Men wouldnt get paid 30 cents more..Google it..

    Just my PO.

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