Are lights neccesary?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by flimsyjim, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. Hi board,

    I'm completely new to all this growing business, what I wanted to know was is all this fertilizer, uv lights and 12 hours of light on and off business neccesary for a good crop? My plants are well over a foot now and are in perfect health, without any special measures taken, they are just in a greenhouse with slug pellets. I do intend to seperate the males and females (I'm thinking about collecting the pollen up from the males) and will trim a few plants out but I'd appreciate anyones' opinion on this subject if they could, as I'm hoping for some success here.

  2. Plants are happiest in sunlight so if your Greenhouse lets in sunlight and your soil is good garden mix (maybe slightly alkiline) with a touch of fertiizer your plant should be about 6 ft by Sept. (I assume you clip the top leaves to make it branch.) I thin mine to four feet apart which leaves plenty of room to bush. Males I uproot and save when they mature and start to throw pollen, I bag em and use them to dust the Ladies when thier hairs are sprung (Male Plant ain't bad smoke either).

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  3. Yes..all that is needed for indoor growing...but not greenhouse/outdoor...hell,,,you can't shake a stick at that free light,,specifically designed for plant growth,,now can you..!..I have had many good grows in a greenhouse,,just have to keep the ventilation controlled,pluck all males,and your in for good buds.....

    If you growing season is short,,,,you may wish to "darken them out"early by covering them to get total darkness until the sky falls to 12/12,,then you won't need to cover anymore,,and you will be already budding through the rest of the cycle till winter, if any..


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