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Are Joints Worth It?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. So my typical smoking method lately is my one hitter with some bong now and then. My supply is pretty limited, but I'd like to roll a joint if the high from it is worth it. My tolerance is preeetty high, high for flower anyway. I've been smoking daily for just about a year solid now and I almost always hit a cap when I smoke that is extremely difficult to get past (get any higher). So typically I take a couple one hitter hits every once in a while.
    If I smoke an entire joint, will that high be quite a bit better than usual since it has more? It also seems like it has potential because you can choose how fast you smoke and how big the drags are, so you can really puff away if you want.
    Basically, will the high be worth the extra that is wasted from it being a joint?

  2. i think you would get higher maybe. but if you got a blunt that would get you baked. but it uses alot.
  3. Well you will waste a little but of bud because the percent of thc you get is less through a joint than a one hitter. But its nice to enjoy the joint outside on a nice day. Plus because you have to use more bud to fill the joint compared to the one hitter you will get higher, especially if its rolled well. 
  4. I am in the same position you are in, been smoking every day for a year and a half now, and now that it is summer time...I am limited in my supply to 7-14G's a week, after my first initial high of the day with the bong...I never get back to where I was during that hour - 2 hour time frame of being stoned, after that...I am just smoking to smoke, and mellow myself out I suppose, but even that is questionable.
    I tried to roll a joint the other day, as well as a blunt after smoking a few bong rips a hour or so before, the high wasn't nearly as worth it. I could have spent that .4-.6 on 10 solid milky bong rips and probably maintained a level of highness close to my first time.
    A waste? In my opinion, nothing is a waste if your enjoying it. Variety is the spice of life.  :bongin:
  5. Joints are great for 2 people, not as much gets wasted but for 1 I think it's a waste because it's buring up weed that your not always hitting.  I also think taking a drag off a joint is nothing compared to a nice milky bong hit.  Pack your binger and smoke a few hits in a row, you'll never get that first morning wake and bake feeling but it'll be better in the long run for ya.
  6. Back when I used to do a lot of bong hits I found if I went and smoked a joint then I would get a good high whether I smoked it to my head or with a buddy or two  :smoking:
  7. Update:
    Decided to grind one of my 2 remaining nugs, each being probably a little bit smaller than a ping pong ball. Since I'm limited by money, I try to conserve as much as possible, which is why I use the one hitter rather than the bong all the time (although I do bong snaps pretty often, but still, the high doesn't last as long). Since I wanted to roll it right so to waste as little weed possible, I did the pen rolling method and got a pretty nice solid one. 
    Smoked about 3/4 of it, or a little more and put it out and decided to use the rest of it for my one hitter for the next day. The smoking part went by pretty fast. The high turned out to be one of the best highs I've had in months. Probably a solid 8/10, closer to 9. I'm not sure if it's because I smoked what I did so fast or because it's a new method or what, but it worked pretty well and since I saved some of it I feel better about the whole wasting weed thing. It was a pretty small joint too, but I do have dank
  8. if you're tight on flowers, I wouldn't suggest joints. They're constantly burning so when you're not smoking it, the joint burns away into the air; a one hitter however, directs all smoke to the lungs and there is no leftover smoke for the wind to waste away. 
  9. i dont get any "higher" off a blunt or a joint than i do off the same amount of weed in a pipe or bong.  cant say the same about the vape or edibles, both of which i find to be a complete waste
  10. Joints usually take a good amount of weed compared to bongs/one-hitters. If you took all the weed you were gonna roll up, and smoked it in the bong instead, you should be much higher. Just smoke large hits and do it fast.
  11. You're not gonna get as high but it depends on why you're gonna have a joint. I find switching between joints and a bong makes the one less used give me more of an effect so its good to have in conjunction but I smoke joints for the relaxing feeling of it, plus as you can more easily regulate how much smoke you take in you can hold it in more easily without it ripping your chest/throat apart for more of an effect. If your supply is limited I'd recommend trying a few joints between bowls every now and then to see how you like it.
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    i just smoked a spliff with about .4 which would be 2 snaps in the bong probably and I am very very high right now so idk
  13. Joints def aren't as efficient as bowls but I really enjoy smoking a joint
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    No way man. Joints, I don't know what it is, I usually get pretty high if me and my friends roll a fat one up and keep passing it, but I had got about 2 oz's for free for helping a friend with cleaning his grow room after harvest and trimming a bit. So I was used to always conserving my bud so i'd never roll joints, so I started rolling lots of joints, thinking i'd get high as fuck. Nope, i'd be smoking enough weed that could add up to like 8 bong snaps but it was getting me somehow less high than one or two bong hits, and then i'd fall asleep shortly after. For whatever reason the high was just really not the kind of in spacey trippin balls kind of high, it was way too mild.
    Here's my advice, if you have multiple bong bowls, pack 2 or 3 if you can spare it. Do some intense exercises, pushups, whatever, just something that gets your lungs working, your blood circulating and gives you an exercise buzz, once you've pushed out a set to exhaustion, take those bong rips one after another. You'll feel AMAZING.
    Trust me. Your lungs will be expanded and will absorb more smoke because of the exercise, the blood circulating will push it through your body faster, and the exercise high will combine with the weed high and leave you in ecstacy.
    At the end of the day it's about your receptors, sometimes your receptors have been numbed by too much use and you gotta take a t-break. But sometimes you really just need to absorb a lot of weed at once to get that rush you want. I think of joints like sipping a sixpack over several hours, and bong hits like taking a couple shots. You might absorb the same amount of total alcohol at the end of the day but you'll feel it stronger from the stronger stuff hitting you in quick succession.
    PLUS, with joints, as you know vaporizing works by indirectly heating bud, you have to realize your joint is burning and burning hot, when you're pulling hot smoke through the joint it's passing through the rest of the weed, and when you're not smoking it's still burning hot and that heat is heating the weed nearby it meaning cannibinoids from your bud are probably being vaped off and you're not getting them. This why I think my highs were so lackluster when I was smoking joints on my own.
  15. if youre used to getting that quick high from bongs then joints aren't for you

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