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Are Humans Energy?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by qwerty man, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. If anyone has ever heard of the Law of Attraction, part of it says that all living beings are energy. The Law of Conservation of Mass says that energy cannot be created or destroyed. If energy cannot be created or destroyed, and humans are energy, that means that we were something else before we were born, and we're going to be something else after we die. It leaves a lot of room for thought.
  2. Hmm, well from a perspective suggesting that there is no before or afterlife... You may say that since energy cannot be created and destroyed, and humans meet criteria for both, that we are not, in fact, energy.

    But I am not familiar with Laws of Attraction. that's just one way to look at it, and the first idea that came to mind.
  3. The Law of Attraction was first written by Isaac Newton and added on to by Einstein and many others.
    Basically, it says that humans are energy, and that our thoughts have a frequency that attracts other energy. So if you let's say want money, you have to focus your brain on money, and the feeling you get when you have money (happiness), and money will attract itself to you.
  4. I believe we are a little bit of everything :) just being honest!
  5. with the fact (yes fact) that we are energy as is everything else around you, and we have no beginning nor end wouldnt it make sense that YOU the individul consiousness is 'god'? i think the problem with people is their sense of seperation from everything and eachother. if god is everything and nothing you are(your energy/consiosness)a part of that, and one with that.

  6. And you are also not and it doesn't matter at all at the same time.
  7. the only thing that matters is that people at least understand that and stop believing in god as seperate.
  8. i fucken hate bananas :hello:
  9. they remind me of dicks:confused: :eek: :p

  10. If energy=mass(speed of light^2)--and inversely mass=energy/speed of light^2--then it could be said that matter is just another form of energy, and that everything in "existence" is energy and only energy.
  11. exactly. and then ask why dont we have godly powers or what not? i think its beacuase of the dimensional prison put here by the anunaki :wave:

  12. This is what Buddha said in so many words.

    I had an enlightening experience whilst pissing in my bushes stoned as hell a night months ago. It hit me that we're all energy, plants are just different expressions of energy. I couldn't wipe the fucking smile off of my face. I even had that calm silence described by enlightenment.

    Then I went inside, ate a bowl of ice cream, jerked off, and went to bed.
  13. No.. the Law of Atrraction as your talking about it is just some lame idea that some new agers came up with. There is no evidence that one can simply will anything into existence, having a positive look on life makes things better in a lot of cases, but it's not gonna make everybody a millionaire. In fact their whole premise of being the "observer" for quantum effects has been pretty much debunked by physicists, who have shown observation in QM != Intelligence.

    This is basically the story of every really heavy trip I've had. Except I was able to move my mind into atoms, cells, etc.. and still be aware of something going on, so at least in my mind awareness/being (not necessarily intelligence) is in everything. Is that god, could be, but who the hell am I to say.
  14. I we are all god, as I do believe, then I say that we are greater than god, can he dance without us?
  15. sm666, you have accomplished something i only wish i could (hopefully within the near future). what drug were you on (please be cid :) ) ? dude, it was definently a very real experience, and you can do it while sober too.

    PS: im not budhist or read any buddhist works or ideas...interesting. and wtf...everyone i talk to had some wierd experience and the started getting interested in all this stuff...i was just bored.
  16. Yeah some really strong LSD a chemist friend of mine made, it blew my mind.. quite literally. I won't speculate on how external/internal it was because it was almost like both at the same time. There were elements that I knew were from my mind, but also images, feeling, ideas that I don't think I could have even conceived of prior to it.

    Before all this I had been meditating on and off for about 3 years, this was far far far more intense than that ever even came close to for me. There is a deep connection between everything around us, of this I am certain.
  17. interesting. id like to trip soon :) and i agree 100% with the connection between everything.
  18. Matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration (kinetic energy). We are made of matter. The conscious mind is diffidently not made of matter.
  19. i belive we and all things on this earth are forms of energy. it just takes a higher power, such as a hallucinogen or enlightenment to break down our natural barriers and let our energy collide with the other energy floating around

    In this world that's we're living in held together by gravity
    We're limited to what we hear, smell or see
    Touch or taste, but with my senses erased
    I can open up my face and contemplate space

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