Are hermie pollinated seeds always female seeds? (feminized?)

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  1. New grower. I have fucktons of cannabis knowledge in my head from reading but I never confirmed one thing....(well, probably tons of things but this one thing for the moment). I don't wanna sound arrogant, I'm an apprentice in this grow business.
    Are seeds from a hermie always female? I work at a large scale industrial grow. I get seeds sometimes when I'm trimming buds. These are 90% guaranteed from a hermie in the grow house (because everything is clones and sometimes...shit happens and we get a hermie). Most likely from the same "lot" or group of 100 plant clones of the same strain. BUT... pollen is airborne and doors get opened and the area is known for black market grows. AND... our exhaust system is top only cleans the intake. If there is a hermie in the house then the air gets pushed around, well...seeds.
    On and off I have been reading about cannabis growing for 15 years. I'm one year into working for a large, industrial, legal grow. I JUST started flowering my first indoor crop.
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  2. No. There's never a 100% chance. Can get a lot closer than 90 tho..
  3. Could produce a female.
    More likely to produce a hermie.
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  4. I would say hell no seeds from.a hermi are mostly hermi with a very very small percentage male and female to my knowledge bag seed is usually trash seed in other words most of the time bag seed seeds are caused from stressing a female plant and causing hermi it will grow bud but it will have horrible traits from my knowledge on how this works if you want female seeds you need to treat a female plant with a spary that turns it male in flowering process then use the pollen to pollenate a female and 99.9-100% of the seeds will be female there also called feminized seeds

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  5. I guess I should have given context. Sooo, I was told that a hermie was almost a guaranteed, Like fore sure, to make feminized seeds.. is that where the 90% certainty comes into play? is the sex to be female from hermie seeds really super high?
  6. Ok.. lets put it this way.. My company grows bulk. Like 100 plants harvested a day every day, perpetual. We have maybe 15-20 running strains at each moment. I get seeds when trimming these buds. How do you think these seeds will grow? And from what I'm assuming, these aren't anything I should clone and breed?
  7. I believe seeds from a hermi will have hermi traits now if you have bananas they will most likely be fem seeds
  8. Sooo... we have a hermie issue at work sometimes.
    Environmental can be ruled out. It's all controlled; absolute blackout, consistent air exchange, temps/humidity and watering. So it must be down to genetics right?
  9. Impossible to rule out everything but most likely.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
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  10. It's called colloidal silver. You should do a bit more research on this, because not much that you said is correct.
  11. Seeds from dispensary bud would likely be feminized? Really wanting to grow a seed I got from Gorilla Glue but I keep reading that they are likely to hermi.
  12. Not always. They could have had a male and didn't notice until it was too late. Grow it :)
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  13. (that was answering the feminized seed part btw).
    To answer the other part.. basically.. don't believe everything you read.
  14. Waste of time in my opinion, chances are high that seeds from a hermie will also have hermie traits in my experience. Even true "femenized" seeds have a higher chance of hermie'ing (lol), compared to properly bred (good genetics) regular seeds.

    I've worked for the industry as well for a while now and I haven't bothered with femenized or accidental seeds since before rec was a thing. I'd rather spend a tiny amount of extra time and kill a few males.

    As far as getting the seeds occasionally in the first place, since it has happened at certain places I've worked, I think it has to do with 2 possibilities. Environmental/health factors of the plant, and genetic drift. The second one is a touchy subject for a lot of people ;)
  15. Not always colloidal silver and I've made thousand or so feminized seeds using a similar spary that's designed spacificly for feminized seeds not colloidal silver so suck a fat one I gave gerneral answer and you've pin pointed one method of many

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  16. Hermi odds are hermi there will be a small percentage male/female this isn't always try sometimes a hermi can produce feminized but it depends I've read that bananas are bad that's hermi seeds but the flowers are alot of the time you'll end up with feminized but odds are against you if there where multiple plants in the same room one of them could of been A banana one could of been from a flower the best way to make feminized seeds in colidal silver or gibberellic acid there's a spray I use called tiresas mist I think is how is spelled I've found this to be the best option

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  17. Hermie are bad u should get rid of hermie seeds

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  18. Lol so much bad info in this thread
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  19. Please help out. I like input from as many people as possible. That's why I love forums, it has a built in peer review system.

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