Are Glass On Glass Bongs Worth It?

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  1. what exactly are the advantages of having a glass on glass bong over a standard one?
  2. I have a question as well. I dont understand what that term means, "glass on glass"

    So if someone answers, could you tell me exactly what it means also?
  3. it means that the key has no rubber gromit and is, instead, creates suction using percise sized glass fittings that are made to be air tight when put together and creat a better seal than the rubber.
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    Glass on glass means the glass slide goes into a glass down stem with no rubber O-ring.
    Metal bowls make the taste bad and are not good for you, and glass on glass pieces usually work better. Totally worth it, and they really are not much more expensive than an acrylic bong anyways.

    Edit: Glass on Glass for $22: Weed Star Slim-Jim 2.0 - ICE - Dutch -
  5. Pros: Better seal, less chance of rubber fumes, it's considered to be more stylish. In general (though not always) glass on glass are better quality pieces, and the smaller pieces really aren't that much more expensive.

    Cons: Though the smaller pieces aren't that expensive, the bigger pieces can get VERY expensive. The only other disadvantage is that it's much harder and expensive to replace the slider if it breaks, because it has to be of a precise fit and make.

  6. Very expensive as in a couple bucks for a new slider?

    And you realize there is 3 standard sized that almost every headshop should carry right? Its really just 14mm 18.8mm and 29.2mm

    They are better bongs, you can get better downstems for them much easier as to grommets.

    But they do make some really sick 9mm grommet bongs.
  7. fuck ya they are worth it, better seal and they milk so much better. the downstems and slides are usually nicer quality too
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    Yes, a glass on glass(GonG) waterpipe has a seal superior to any other. The glass is flush with another piece of glass which creates an airtight seal that creates a much better hit.
    In addition, there is no extra taste from rubber seals or anything like that. Glass is very easy to clean. GonG also looks great and is much easier to find replacement parts for then rubber grommet parts.

    On laboratory supplies and scientific glass this is reffered to as ground glass.
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    i dont think i have ever tasted the rubber in my grommet bongs. i also find they work entirely the same. but thats me and my experience with creating my own, and buying grommet glass from other artists.
    dont let anyone fool you into thinking theres a difference in smoke taste. as for airtightness? maybe once when i tipped the glass over did a lil bit of water 'drip' out.
    i have never heard the suction sound come out from the rubber seal alerting me of it not being air tight.
    i have 3 grommet style tubes.
    as for the milk-ability, is only because of the smaller stem diameter. theya re offered "usually" in 9 and 12mm. ut i dont see why a blower has to put a ground joint on a glass rod. know what i mean?
    the size of teh grommet is whats limiting anyone from making a grommet style 18mm,, tho i suppose if you found 'ABC' gum, that woudl work just as well.
    they tend to chug too,, but thats also because its rare to find a diffused stem.
    nothing a local artist couldnt help you with anyway.. na'mean?

    hopefully this post clears up GROMMET VS GONG
  10. All serious glass artists use ground joints (Gong) on their tubes. toro, sovereignity, wicked sands, pakoh, hops, salt, brandon martin, roor of course, luke wilson, 2010bc, lear, zob, MGW, Fathead, the list could go on.
  11. yeah dude, GonG is definitely worth it. after I got my first GonG piece, and had a couple friends with GonG pieces as well, hitting a grommet bong just wasn't the same.

    of course my buddy with the grommet bong refuses to admit that my illy rips any better than his ceramic grommet lolololol.

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