Are cops really a buzzkill?

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  1. I have a cop story for you guys, but it's to explore the question above ^

    I'm 18 (almost 19), so I'm on my red P plated (probationary license in AUS).

    I picked up a couple grams of dank, and drove around to a friend's house (P), and my other friend (A) was there too. I can only have one passenger.

    Anyway we roll a gram into a small thick joint, thinking it was only me and A smoking, P didn't partake very often. Before we left he asked if it was enough for all 3 of us, and I'm like oh, I'll roll the other one :).

    I wasn't gonna bring the grinder and chop bowl, but we chose to drive to the park 2 minutes away and roll the second one there. We do so and have two decent joints, leaving the grinder and the chop bowl in my car, which i left unlocked with the keys in the ignnition, because we were sitting like 10 metres away in a playground UFO thing. Dumb move.

    We finished the first and we're a quarter way into the second when we hear cops calling out my mums name (her car). We stay silent, i put out the joint and eat it. Then we spark up cigs, and the cop walks over and sees us. He asks if it's our car and I tell him it's my mum's. He chews me out for leaving the keys in the car and says he can fine me. I say sorry officer, I understand. He say's don't worry about it, be a little more careful, and have a good night. He's about to leave...

    ... And then he takes a huge whiff of the air. Oh fuck. He climbs on up and says he can smell it yadayadayada

    This goes on, and i'll make it a short story. He searches all 3 of us (Racist pig practically strip searches my two brown/black friends, and barely pats me down missing the empty baggy in my pocket). Finds nothing. Searches car. This is absolute bs. I don't consent, tell him we're not near the car or in it and he can't search it. He say's he has probable cause but that's crap, we weren't in the fucking car.

    I say whatever, give him the grinder and bowl to make it faster. He find's the other left over baggy. First he makes me throw the grinder and bowl in the bin, and then asks who I bought the good good from. I tell him I found it, and put on the biggest shit eating grin. He's not happy and I make it blatantly obvious I'm lying. I'm mad at this dude by now. He's just like "mmhmm...".

    So they leave with nothing, and give me a ticket for my car keys (because they couldn't charge us for weed). Tells me he can fine me for overloading and I ask for the proof. He's red in the face. He tells me if I drive home he might be waiting down the road..

    We jump in the car, turn on some tunes, light a ciggy each and just chill for half an hour. The second they left the high came back to me and hit me like a tonne of bricks. I don't think cops kill the buzz, they just like put it on hold or something haha. Anyone else feel the same? Or do they just flat out kill your buzz?
  2. So he gave you a ticket for leaving your keys in your car and said he couldn't charge you for the weed? Technically he was illegally searching you and you could've locked the car but even if they went through it unlawfully, whatever they find would be thrown out in court. However you handed him the grinder and whatnot which is basically self incriminating you.

    That's odd there's a law for leaving your keys unattended in aus but maybe I'm just unfamiliar with a USA law of the Same nature! Nonetheless taha some bullshit they harassed you and searched you illegally and were fuck stains.

    But I do wonder why you couldn't have just brought the keys anyway hahaa

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  3. Slip of the mind haha, silly me! They were absolute assholes about the whole thing. I left the grinder and bowl on the front seat, didn't actually hand it to him, so that when he did take it I knew that he wouldn't be able to charge me for it. They were pretty shitty with us because they wasted 40 minutes checking the car and the surrounding area for the stash they "knew" we had ditched.
  4. Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. 
  5. Most definitely. Seconded

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