Are Conservatives more prone to having OCD?

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  1. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder= OCD

    It seems that people who have OCD would tend more often to be very conservative in their views, since people with OCD don't like for anything to be changed in their world. They are actually made by their condition, to feel very upset and disturbed by anything at all out of order in their world, so it just seems logical that people with OCD would go with an unshakable conservativism, since that will be the best way for them to try and stop anything new from starting, or anything established from being moved or altered in society, or taken from their perceived control.

    And this theory of mine goes a long way toward explaining the tics and fetishism of the right wing as well.

    Obstructive Conservative Description...:D????
    The last line sounds like a Republican fund raising pitch.

    Anyway, my question is to any political viewpoint holder, of any nation, do you feel that you have OCD? And if so, are you politically conservative?

    This is based on honest answers of course, so be forthcoming about your beliefs and need for ritual.

    Please be respectful with your answers, this is a legitimate psych profile inquiry, mmmmK?

    I've highlighted the ones that sound like pre-requisites for many of the conservatives I know of.

    Or Fox News team members...
    Tell me Glenn Beck isn't OCD, and I'll just have to wash my hands (repeatedly) of him.:rolleyes:
  2. Yeah, did you know marijuana can worsen and even cause OCD? :eek:

  3. You seem to have confused reactionaries with conservatives, but I'll swing at it.

    Nope, I'm not OCD. But I want the government out of my bedroom, and out of my wallet.

    I believe change should occur naturally, not through force.

    How can you villainize such a peaceful philosophy?
  4. I don't really believe there's a correlation between being obsessive compulsive, and identifying as conservative, however, I consider myself a middle conservative and I don't have OCD. Interesting theory though, I'll have to read up on it a bit more, can't say it's not possible!:confused_2:
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    I think it's because there is confusion as to what 'occurring naturally' entails. One side argues that occurring naturally is leaving the current system be, or expand. The other side believes that the current system is unnatural, and since it has been allowed to develop via years of big government policies, the only way to return the system to a natural state is to repeal said policies, which in turn is considered a 'revolutionary' act.

    The first side views this 'revolution' as unnatural interference in the natural state of the current system.

    And round and round we go...
  6. To be honest, after seeing the way you type, I'd be surprised if you didn't suffer from some compulsive disorder.








  7. republicans do have a plan for up on your policies.

  8. ....and all liberals are extremeists who fear that their life will be meaningless if they don't create drastic change in their government regardless of the effect, negative or positive :rolleyes:
    (it's sad you're only arguements are to attack the character of your opponent and not the actual issues. it's proboably because it's so hard for you to keep a straight face when you try to say that obama won't raise the deficit at all with his new healthcare plan)
  9. Most of my life I voted for the conservative party here in Canada and favored the Republicans in the US as being the parties that least interfered in people's lives. Now however, both of these parties have been taken over by the superstitious ignorami of the religious right, North America's version of the Taliban, who want to interfere in everyone's life. Gov'ts should be run with knowledge and common sense (although the latter is far from common) and not by ignorance and superstition. I think it takes more than OCD to account for the actions of some conservatives today.
    Why do conservatives have such a problem with increasing the deficit to provide decent health care and no problem whatsoever with horrific increases to fund foreign adventures like the Iraq War of the even more costly and tragic War on Drugs which has caused more US deaths than even the Vietnam conflict? Could it be because of the huge profits made by the defence, law enforcement and prison industries (all at taxpayers expense of course.)
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  10. Good answers all, and thanks for the honesty. I never said anything that is not clearly occuring on both 'sides' of the spectrum.

    If anyone has a personal take on this issue, it is not an insult to self diagnose your political selves, because the social response conditioning we all receive from birth is endemic in all modern societies.

    The Brain Police are working 24/7 in other words. Just be honest with the feelings we all share, and we can undo so much bad input, from so many corrupted sources of info.

    I missed all of gc and my friends and would like to apologize to all, if I have offended you in the past.

    To speak of truth, one must test the waters for compatibility with the chum of humor, and watch for the sharks to swirl.

    Thanks for all the attention. All coins have more than 2 sides, and so do all political disagreements, I always like to flip the coin, and come from out of nowhere in a debate.

    I come from a land divided against itself by fences and prejudices, and I tend to be a little feisty when I am irked. So I must have the OCD to a degree as well. this one, ok?:wave:

  11. I do that, but I inherited it from my parents. :(

    Otherwise I love change. 'Better' and 'worse' are subjective terms of observation, I just like to watch the leaves turn brown and green as they will.
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    If conservatives are more prone to OCD, that must make liberals more prone to schizophrenia...

    Thinking that conservatives are evil and liberals are righteous... lol.

    Conveniently can't remember all the bullshit Democrat politicians have done over the years to take away our freedoms, while constantly bashing Republicans for the same.

    "word salads" sure sounds like most Liberals to me... :) ALWAYS rambling on and on about bullshit and preaching lies about how our government is here to help us. If you're going to accuse an entire caste of people of having a disease, please be prepared to be accused of having a far worse and more dangerous disease.... Sadly, this one actually fits more Liberals.

  13. Hmm, I have a lot of those too..

  14. Pssstt.... that's because you're high bro... :)

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