Are Chinese Companies Selling Pills Made of Dead Babies?

Discussion in 'General' started by dawnofwar, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. What the fuck am I reading? This can't be true. That's just fucked up.

    Are Chinese Companies Selling Pills Made of Dead Babies?
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    In parts of china, they make soups out of aborted fetuses, or so I read. Supposed to be good for the eyes... I tried to open a discussion on it once and I was told to stop judging other people's culture. :p One chinese woman was seriously quoted as saying "they have a little bit of crunch to them because of their little bones, but once you get used to them blah blah blah..."
  3. Lmao those bastards are crazy if thats true. Idc if im judging thats just fucked lol.
  4. They give a new meaning to the word recycling :eek:
  5. that's crazy
  6. its unethical and immoral to us, but those babies would just be put in a landfill, if it helps us, why not do it? Hell, if someone wanted to do this in the U.S, i'd be all for it.

  7. What the actual fuck?! You can't see anything wrong with this?! Sicko.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's how you get Prions disease.
  9. I'm actually convinced that some chinese people eat anything that walks.
  10. no normally its something wounded so anything that limps, hops, crawls or floats is fair game.
  11. The Chinese are cannibals. And so are we :devious:
  12. Thats probably not true, it was the basis for a movie called "Dumplings" that is a chinese ( maybe japanese ) horror film

    EDIT: yea it was chinese.
  13. I suspect it's only a rumor floating on some bullshit website. However, if it is true, it's only a matter of time until you see an explosion of websites selling these worldwide.
  14. It's interesting to notice that the pill was used as 'stamina booster'.

    Now, what does that mean, 'stamina booster'?

    It means 'aphrodisiac'.

    It makes you horny, and stay hard for longer period of time.

    Like Viagra, I guess.
  15. In dictatorship China dead baby pill take YOU
  16. Don't you think it's a little effed up that we live in a world where places like that even have to make that choice? That was going to be a life, and people are eating it and putting it in food like it's nothing
  17. Don't worry, it's in the US too. People don't ditch their cultures at the border.

  18. Yea i mean i'm pro choice and all but THAT is a bit much
  19. i hope you don't masturbate ..

    oh read your name, women. got me there :mad:

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