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Are chillums even worth it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Willy420, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Ive seen chillums on a few websites and in the headshop i go to. I was wondering if they were even worth it cuz it looks like they would be a real pain in the ass to keep the bud in it can you even pack a whole bowl in one.

    Can someone show me some pics or at least give me some idea of how big the bowl is on one of these things. I mean i know their all different but on average. Because i know their like one hitters but wouldnt a sneak a toke be better because you can seal em up.

    Can maybe someone list some pros/cons


  2. well all i know is that i can take fat rips out of chillums. also people look stupid when they dont know how to use them.
  3. how do you use em because it looks like the bud would just fall out
  4. If you're a retard, yes, the bud could fall out.

    They work just fine, and are just slightly more compact than spoons.
  5. chillums are great for when your on the go
    and they have some really cool art on chillums
    i have a frog chillum and all you do is put in a screen and DONT point it towards the ground
    if you can manage to not be a retard the weed shouldnt fall out
  6. a full size chillum has a bowl just as big as a spoon but there are also the small one hitter chillums
  7. I have a chillum, I dont smoke bud out if it. I use it only for hash, a purpose for which it works great.
  8. ya chillums are good for on the go and the weed doesnt fall out just hold it like any other pipe dont point it at the ground its pretty easy. And ya there are some really cool crazy looking chillums out there.
  9. i think chillums are good for concealing and on-the-go purposes. once you pack the weed, it stays in it pretty well. I haven't had any difficulties with the weed falling out. :ey:
  10. I use them to smoke in the shower while my parents are home. They don't make a lot of smoke and are easy to hide
  11. A proper chillum is smoked with your hand acting as a pipe. You put the piece in between two fingers while making a fist, and inhale by your thumb. This way you're not hitting the pipe like you're funnelling a beer.
  12. Threads regards questions pertain to Marijuana belong in Apprentice Tokers. I moved this one for you. -Trikky
  13. Dont get one as your main buddy did that and now he cant even take rips.
    If you can find one that hits nice..then I guess you're lucky

  14. I have one that hits harder than any spoon I've ever Used. I guess maybe I got lucky because alotta people complain about them.. But it rips mad hard.
  15. ol buddy of mine had a chillum we smoked outta for a good month.

    bud only fell out of it once when i accidently tapped it against my steering wheel.

    i think with dank it'll stick, shwag might be a different story.
  16. yeah most the chillums ive smoked hit pretty hard...
  17. OH Hi there chillum thread.

    So theres this artist, goes by the name of bearclaw, maybe youve heard of him?

    Pictured is a chillum from his artifact series. This thing rips harder than any acrylic bong known to man, and matches my inline bubbler in rip size. The things a beast, so no shit talking chillums.

    If anyone cares, my first smoke out of it was a full load of some organic sour diesel. That was a year ago, as far as "on the go" this things amazing.

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  18. chillums are my favorite, even if you have a small bowl size just pack the nugs in, you can fit more weed in and you can point it to the ground no problem
  19. hold the chillum between 2 fingers, close your hand so the only hole is at your thumb and pointer, take some mad rips, mission accomplished
  20. I use a chillum as a back up piece... I think that it's worth it cause they are so portable for quick situations; but mine gets really hot after 2 bowls

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