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Are cellulose papers even any better? Or just flashy looking..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Craving, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. What are the advantages/disadvantges of cellulose joint smoking to regular joint papers/hemp papers/etc?

    I know they look cool and all, but does it help at all to smoke them?
  2. I dont know about it helping u while using them but I will say once I tried a pack and then went back to rice papers it was all over I will never use a paper other than cellulose my $.02
  3. Never tried it, I just use RAW papers and they work like a dream. They always burn clean and even so I never had a reason to switch. Try some cellulose papers and compare them, let us know the results!
  4. Uhh is cellulose that clear shit? If so fuck that they suck.
  5. I bought some nakedpapers few months ago. Yeah, these papers are VERY slow burning. But i found that it adds a weird taste to the joint and they are hard to roll imo lol
  6. I wanna try em, they look hard to roll.
  7. Cellulose papers are just see through, and they taste funny... more of a harsh taste
  8. In my experience, I can roll them pretty well (better then paper), they do have a wierd taste imo, and sometimes they dont like to stick after you lick it, and if it does stick it comes unrolled while burning and its a pain in the ass.
  9. I had one experience with them way back when I was a newbie, but honestly I can't think back far enough to remember how it went. I thought of it nothing different, just a joint that was see through though. Although I do remember them being a tad difficult to roll because it didn't stick.

    Anyone else care to shed some light?
  10. The clear papers?
    Just a gimmick imo, and insanely hard to roll compared to zig-zags. Only fucked with them a few times though.
  11. If you don't want to roll them I know they have clear cyclones prerolled, they work ok
  12. I found them very difficult to roll with, the brands I bought. (I tried Klear and Blue Glass - both made by the same company)

    The actual roll was not so bad (felt a bit slick, but one can accomdate that) but things went south after sealing it up. Every single time, the joint would end up curved like a banana. Nothing I tried could remedy this.

    Additionally, consuming said banana-joint would leave a rather unpleasant aftertaste on one's palate along with a "filmy" sensation inside one's mouth & throat.

    I do not care for the cellulose papers.
  13. honestly there just flashy, and taste harsh, use hempire hemp papers they burn very slow and roll great
  14. They're cool and all, but I can never get them to stay closed. They always open up somewhere along the seam.
  15. Deluxe is a good paper if you smoke good sticky weed
    if you grind up sticky weed real fine,and then roll it
    these papers burn slow and perfect.

    and a trick, if your papers arent sticking lick the back of the paper instead of the glue
    and they will stick cos your not licking the glue off.

    new ones 039.jpg

    new ones 040.jpg
  16. 'Better' in terms of papers, is subjective... Personally, I love the way they roll... they way they smoke is weird though... and if you dont lick em right, they an unroll mid smoke.
  17. i think they're great...they never run and when u stop hittin it, it just goes out saving u weed. i use a rolling machine...would be hard to hand roll em
  18. first up, I dont mean to single you out, you just happened to mention zig zags. im sure you know whats good lol

    Zigs Zags are a solid paper. However, they are just that. Solid paper. they burn and you can legit taste the paper burning and you inhaling the smoke from that, along with the green.

    There is a whole world of papers out there. Im sure zach2753 knows that, but i always feel like people fall into this "zig zags are the be all end all" type thing. J papes are all personal preference. dont let people tell you papers suck if you enjoy them. Just be open and try new one every so often. You may be suprised.
  19. I've had a few before and I didn't really notice the difference but most people say they're harsher on the throat.
  20. Theyre actually easy to roll, you can tug and pull without them ripping which is sweet. I used smokeclear ones that are self adheisive and they always sticked. i havent rolled with them for about 6 months so i can't remember the taste, however i prefer raws, though theyre hard to find around here......fucking ohio

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