Are carbon filters worth it?

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  1. Seen some pics recently of ppl using carbon filters, wondering how good of a job they do keeping the glass clean.

    Just got the W* Dub Bub 2.0 and want to keep it supppper clean. Saw the W* carbon filter in the GC shop for like $15 shipped...not bad at all considering my LHS wants $45 for some shit china carbon filter.

    So, blades with carbon filter experience post up!
  2. I have an EHLE.

    It's larger than most but with their style joints, it's very sturdy.

    They add some drag but as long as it's removed with the bowl, then your piece will still function as normal. Plus, if the carbon isn't changed, then it can taint the smoke's flavour.

    All in all, carbon filters are the only true way to keep whatever is connected below, clean.
  3. Carbon filters do an excellent job of keeping your piece clean. They do add a bit of drag but as polski said, just remove it with the bowl and you won't have any trouble clearing it. If you do end up getting one, a good way to see if you have enough carbon in it is if the glass below the filter is clear. If it isn't, add more carbon and you should be set. Check out SSFG if you're going to be getting one.

  4. Thanks to both of ya'll for the advice. I thought there would be a bit more drag, but it's no biggy - I'd rather have a clean tube and have to pull a little bit harder :).

    I'll look into getting one here in the next few days though. GC shop sells Weed Star ones for $15 shipped, will prob just get that to save some money.
  5. Yeah they kept my tube pretty damn clean, and the drag is pretty small. Plus me and my friends agree the smoke is a lot less harsh.

  6. this, and it removes all the carthologens,(cant spell)

    and i think it tastes cleaner
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    YES carbon filters more then an ashcatcher or any amount if water.

    As long as you clean the carbon well before use then it's a great addition to any bong. SSFG on etsg makes disk diffused carbon filter adapters, it's not in their shop anymore but they'll make it. The Ehle filter adapter is not bad either.

    Edit: the carbon does filter out some of the bad stuff and is much better then smoking without, but it's not like a vape, remember it's still smoke...
    It reduced the smell of the exhaled smoke and keeps your glass much cleaner.
  8. I personally don't like how the smoke tastes when it goes through a carbon filter.. it's just not as yummy. But as far as keeping your tube clean, it works well :)
  9. man Ive been having mixed views about carbon filters but I think I may actually look into getting one. Now can you use any carbon with them? like can I got to walmart and buy the package of activated carbon from the fish section and use that?

  10. yes, any activated carbon will work. i got mine at petco, its used a lot for fish tank filters. just make sure you wash the chunks with water to get the dust off of them, and once they dry you are ready to go.
  11. Does anyone know if the carbon can be washed and reused?

    Currently, I've been throwing it away when it becomes too potent.
  12. Went ahead and ordered the Weed Star 14mm filter from the GC Shop (only like $12 shipped after the 10% discount). Used the more expensive shipping this time so that it doesn't take 3 weeks to come lol.

    Anyways, really appreciate all the feedback/info from you guys. This seems like the perfect way to keep my new dub bub looking and tasting fresh.

    I'll be sure to post back once I get it!

  13. But why would you want to re-use it since it's so cheap? At my Wal-Mart it's like $5/LB.
  14. Well you MUST properly wash and dry it before use because the dust is toxic.
    Make sure to wash the carbon thoroughly in a well ventilated area. Rinse it over and over and over again with water, you won't be able to get it to run completly clear, but just getting out most if the dust is ok.

    Activated carbon is SO cheap and widly available, why reuse it?

    Edit: just saw the above post. LOL
  15. It's a new addition and the carbon was free plus I saw another post somewhere, saying they reuse it.
  16. I must ask why you suggest washing the carbon "over and over and over again"? Very few people (that I've talked to at least) recommended rinsing the carbon before use, and I must admit I don't see much need to rinse so many times since the smoke will be filtered through one or more bodies of water after passing through the carbon anyways.
  17. All of the dust will just make your tube dirty, it may effect the taste, and breathing in the dust can cause black lung. Why take the chance? It's really not difficult to wash and dry it before you use it.
  18. I was wondering what screen you guys use in the carbon filter? I am thinking of buying a 14.5 roor filter. Also NYCdeisel can you link a source for the carbon dust being toxic? I'm not trying to start a flame war. It sounds completely reasonable that it would cause a bad reaction in your lungs, but i'd like to learn more about it :)

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