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Are blunts really all that bad??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Craving, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I love a blunt, blunts over anything. Yup I love blunts.

    But is really just smoking the leaf full of nicotine all that bad? If has some nice mary jane in it, it can't be all that bad as to when it was full of tobacco could it?

  2. If you love blunts but are worried about the baccy, just get a non-tobacco blunt wrap. Enjoy your blunt pure and untainted :smoke:
  3. Fuck No, Pass that shit my way! :smoking:

    "cause u have to take 2 hits and pass, 2 hits and pass, 2 hits and pass so the blunt will last!"
  4. I'm not really as much as of worried about it as to people just not willing to even spark a blunt just for what it is.

    How could someone say a blunt isn't gonna get you lifted.. haha.
  5. nope, people smoke pack after pack of cigarettes a day and live for years like that. a cig worth of tobacco from a blunt wrap every day wont kill you ever
  6. Well if that's the case, fuck them and do what you want. Enjoy it for yourself, not for others :smoke:
  7. It's tobacco.

    Grown with radioactive fertilizer.
  8. Then don't smoke it with 'em? Spark that shit up and burn it right in front of them, if they don't take a hit after the first few puffs of you blowing that their way you've found someone who is plain against that shit. I've never had someone turn one down when I spark it in front of them. Blunt teasing is the way to go.
  9. idk not too keen on blunts

    always too much effort :/
  10. the leaf for a cigar that is used for a blunt is better for you than cigarettes. its not the greatest, but its still not that bad. just get a wrap if you are worried about people not wanting to smoke. i personally would smoke with you, but im all the way across the us bro. if the person has a problem with the blunt cause of the leaf, they are ignorant and are not a true toker. thats how i look at it.
  11. First off, fuck that blunt wrap shit. Haha. Don't even wanna touch those.

    And I always guessed it would never be as bad as a pack. What's like 5 blunts a day compared to 5 cigarettes a day anyways?

  12. your doing good with 5 blunts compared to 5 cigarettes. the amount of chemicals in a blunt are drastically reduced compared to a cigarette.
  13. The only reason people are starting to not like blunts is cause of that Wiz Khalifa character.
  14. That's why we listen to Kid Cudi.
  15. idk. i like blunts. i dont like rap because of Wiz Khalifa
  16. Too bad they didn't know that guy used to smoke a mad amount of blunts.. haha
  17. #17 kronman907, Aug 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I don't mind blunts but they just Make me hack and cough so hard.

    If it's my weed
    It's tucked in nicely into a joint, but I have no problems smoking a blunt if it's offered.

    I'm a die hard wiz mixtape fan and its funny hearing people say "wiz is gay cause he doesn't smoke blunts blah blah" when all the price of the city mixtapes are about blunts haha
  18. I never liked blunts, I hate the taste, it tastes like diet weed. :(

    Bowls/bongs for the win!

  19. i love a good joint. lol. first thing i learned to roll. and im just not that into rap. i prefer reggae and shit. or else rock. but of all the rap i do like, whiz khalifa is not one of the rappers. lol. the only song he sings i like is, get this, black and yellow. lmfao. what a surprise right?
  20. Depends what kinda blunt your smoking. If it's a huge blunt like where you gotta take the tobacco out and everything, then many of those over time can do damage. But I've been smoking regular sized blunts daily pretty much, which don't do much damage. They're like swishers

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