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Are Asian pussies tighter than Caucatian pussies?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GGrass, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. In men's world, here's how we stand at having large dicks.

    Asian -> Large
    White -> Larger
    Black -> Largest


    So is this how women stand at having tight pussies?

    Asian -> Most tight
    White -> Tight
    Black -> Not so tight
  2. [quote name='"GGrass"']In men's world, here's how we stand at having large dicks.

    Asian -> Large
    White -> Larger
    Black -> Largest


    So is this how women stand at having tight pussies?

    Asian -> Most tight
    White -> Tight
    Black -> Not so tight[/quote]

    Lol ur funny^^^^^
  3. What happens if a black guy fucks an Asian chick? Would his dick be able to go in at all?

    But I've seen porn movies where a couple of black dudes were fucking this tiny Japanese chick... and I remember they had their dicks completely in her pussy.

    How is that even possible?
  4. I had a Asian girlfriend. She was snug as a bug in a rug.
  5. It's just stereotypes.

    In the army they made fun of me because my californian Asian penis was larger than their Missouri white penis.

    Diet? I heard in asia their penis is small, but not American borns
  6. they vagina be tight mon.tight like a vice grip
  7. I think its specific to the woman regardless of ethnicity.
  8. Yeah mang. I've fucked an asian with a loose pussy, and a white chick with a tight pussy. Still unknown on the black pussy though.
  9. I thought Asian pussy was sideways?
  10. ive always thought that asians had tight pussies too i have no idea why, probably because theyre just so small in general
  11. lmao this shit is hilarious.

    you do know that's all bullshit right. mad black dudes with little dicks. all different on the individual.
  12. I do realize that all this is stereotype, and the actual size depends on each individual.

    But... still...

    Just by looking at the body size, they are obviously different.


    I've always imagined a white pussy to be tight, and a black pussy to be even tighter.


    Another question...

    Who do you think has the deepest pussy? Asian, black, or white?


    Is a tight pussy a good thing?

    Is a deep pussy a good thing?


    What makes a 'good pussy'?
  13. I think this is a ridiculous thread. I have a very shallow vagina and a very small one, which isn't necessarily good, but so could the Asian girl next door or the black chick down the street.

    I could have a loose one just like the Asian girl or the Black girl.

    It's specific to the woman, not the race.

  14. haha i agree this thread is fuckin ridiculous but when your 12 and you just wanna know what good pussy is... Shit ill tell ya!

    All pussy is good pussy!
    but i would say the harder to get the better it is!
    you say what makes a "good pussy"?
    its all about what you like, to consider it good pussy
    -if one of your friends says that he means she was a freak or it was nice to their liking!
  15. I can't believe this is a thread. Every girls pussy is different. Its not specific to race.

    I'm black. I was really tight before I had my kid. It would hurt each time I had sex no matter how wet I was. After having my kid, I'm glad to say its still pretty damn tight... I mean my last exes dick was on the small side and he would cum in literally like 2 minutes with a condom on.

    On the other hand I know this other black chick that my friend fisted with no problem. It didn't even phase her.

    Its all based on the girl, how her body is built, how often she does kegals, how much penetration she's having, and how big the things are that are penetrating her (without her doing kegals often). Pretty much anyone can have a tight pussy as long as they do kegals on a regular basis.

  16. couldnt been said any better! but dam your pussy tight after having a kid... there is a pussy god after all! sorry would have toned down the vulgar ness but you said pussy first!
  17. Vietnam girls has/had the tightest pussies when I was a "military advisor" in the late 60's

  18. It's quite cliché to do the whole "everyone one's different, don't generalize" thing. Yes of corse not every black man has a huuuge dick but if you believe in statistics theirs are slightly bigger on average.

    Stereotypes are a reflection of truth, just like the best jokes and the worst insults have truth at their root.
  19. Apparently indian men have the smallest penises in the world. I saw a world chart somewhere
  20. Really? That is surprising. I thought the Indians would have bigger dicks than the Chinese...

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