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are any of you stupid enough to do "poppers"?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Oct 6, 2003.


Are you stupid enough to do Poppers?

  1. yep, i'm stupid enough.

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  2. nope. i'm too smart.

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  1. cos its such a shit stupid thing to do.

    the whole thing it does, is just burst brain cells. thats about all it does. so that feeling you get when you take a whiff.... ya know what that is? *pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop* there go a few dozen to a few hundred brain cells.

    ouch. not good.
  2. umm.. what are poppers?
  3. yeah, what are they?

  4. I know the people,they are x-friends who call me a pot smoking punk...and im the bad guy...
  5. hehe im the one yes vote , i have done it many times but wont do it again...

    you loose many brain cells that cant be good.. hmm or can it
    i keep forgetting
  6. I have a sneaking suspicion that this thread may have been spawned by my mentioning of trying poppers on another thread (or am I just being self-centered?). Anyway, since then, I learned what they're all about and I had already decided that I'm never gonna do them again. The effect is basically just a head rush for a minute, then a headache. Not too much fun.
  7. Popper Drugs?????

    I thought this thread was about fried chicken poppers at Kentucky Fried Chicken. All that cholesterol and trans fat... yuck....

  8. I would reply to this, but don't want to hijack Digit's thread
  9. Poppers are bad, ain't havin' 'em.
  10. hijack away... i don't mind. ... well... not in this thread anyway.

    hcw, you're so big headed and narsacistic. its all "me me me". :D juuuust kidding. yeah, i think it mighta been half inspired by you talkin about them.

    bivo, why would i get mad at copy and paste?

    as long as you dont follow that process for your whole ethos on life then thats fine. have you seen the guys who do do that? copy and paste, copy and paste. loads of them. everywhere. no sence of individuality at all. its really quite scary. a bunch of social facists spreading their way through ignorant and fearsom copy and paste.

    highschools are breeding grounds for ignorance, stupidity, facism and have the ability to crush free thinkers.

    anyways. i digest. :D
  11. just out of curiosity, which has the greater negative effect(s), coke or poppers?
  12. scary....

    I was thinking as well...I do believe most that are warping their fragile lilttle mids are nothing short of highschoolers...

    so this and that...
    where does that leave us?
    shall I worry? not my generation?
    but I many so many years from now, god knows what *we* are all going to be...
    drugs, poppers, ignorance, and the punks breeding on it all..and all you others lol....whos gonna win out folks?

  13. stupid enough too: yes

    tried it: no

    willing to try it: yes

    probability of trying it: 0%

    brain cells: no enough

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