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Are any of you stoners good at sports?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stephes123, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Title sounds rude, but just wondering if anybody on here is actually good at sports?
  2. i used to play ultimate Frisbee but i broke my ankle in 3 spots and haven't play since
  3. yeah man varsity football and varsity wrestling idk why tokin up would affect it
  4. i smoked so much the year i won 3d place at states for wrestling. good times:D i also made varsity lacross... not much to brag about tho
  5. I miss ultimate frisbee...I might need to join the team in college :smoking:
  6. Its not really a sport, but i just hit 290 on the bench. Shooting for 315
  7. I'm good at skateboarding :D
  8. we started playing sports before we started toking so smoking isnt really relevant lol
  9. I'm a decent bowler. I have a 165 average.
  10. I played varsity lax all four years of high school. Played one jv game freshman year and scored 8 goals and they were like ok we fucked up putting you on jv haha. I was blessed with athletic genes (my dad ran track and the Boston Marathon 4 times and my mom was a college tennis player). I got into basketball halfway through high school and got decent at that. Ive played soccer my whole life and a good amount of baseball too. I could dunk last year.

    I've done some serious damage to my knees so that has held me back quite a bit recently and thats why I didn't play any other school sports because my body couldn't handle it everyday. Im hoping I can get back to the shape I was in when I could dunk though
  11. Two time state Champ wrestling

    Two time state Champ Football

    Almost seems like a past life now haha 4 years later
  12. i was varsity volleyball setter until i punched a wall during a match and broke my hand. out rest of season. would have been all county and prob county champs...

    ...oh well shit happens
  13. Skateboarding, Hockey, Lacrosse.
  14. Varsity basketball hooped against Arivz
  15. Equestrian
  16. Varsity cross country, winter track, and lax
  17. Michael Phelps.

    Might as well delete all other comments in this thread. That just blew the dome.
  18. Swimming, have amazing lung capacity from it, and soccer.
  19. There are a loooooot of stoner basketball players man... its awesome
  20. i snowboard not pro status but decent enough to hold my own on the sittin at the top of the hill just smoking them riding b-ball, baseball on a good

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