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  1. Has anyone heard of this yet? I came across it today.. it looks fucking. fantastic. There's so much you can do, so much personalization, so much opportunity.. it's a massive, BEAUTIFUL world, with gameplay (seemingly) unlike any other I've encountered so far. I went through the previews and everything and got incredibly hyped for it.. only to learn it's only been released in Korea. The only way to sign up is with a Korean IP, phone number, and credit card. :cry: WHY?!
    But seriously, take 5-10 minutes and go to and check this game out. With any luck it'll get a US release soon. I would gladly pay ungodly amounts of money and lose my life to this game. Cheers.

  2. Yeah man I head about as well. I really hope it comes soon and in good quality! I mean the features there are astounding. I just cant wait to smoke the herb and look around a beautifully designed gane world!

    Any idea on the date of a North American release ?

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