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  1. An small forum arcade would be great on here! Just some random simple games to get baked as fuck n play to see who can top the high scores. I'm not entirely sure about this particular forum software, but I know with most it isn't to awfully difficult to code them in if you can find the right games to install into it.
  2. centeped B)
  3. Weed games!
  4. I somehow doubt that games would be considered. I mean there isn't even chance of there being a live chat on here for blades to smoke together. But then again I don't go to a message board to play games haha.
  5. I really don't see this happening...In my experience an arcade takes up too much bandwidth and causes problems amongst users. Stoners get really competitive I guess.

    Anyway, there's other fish to fry and stuff to fix before we get to an arcade
  6. An arcade type deal with highscores would be awesome. We could all compete with eachother and see where we rank among other blades.

    But I doubt it will ever happen. If anybody was really interested they'd be best off making a simple site themselves and hosting the arcade and simply directing GC users to it. I'm not staff but it seems like GC has alot of other stuff going on and an arcade would be a lot of extra work

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