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  1. I have been using the water from a 135 gal FW plant tank for my orchids and plants on our deck. I just started an indoor grow in a 32" x 32" tent with a G8LED 240 light. My question is about using the water for the 4 clones I have in the tent. I used Empire Builder soil.

    Are there any nutrient deficiencies I need to look out for? The water I use in the tank starts out as RO/DI and is buffered so the I can use CO2 for the plants. I use Kents R/O Right to bring the hardness in the tank up to about 200. I have a bunch of fish, so the tank is well feed.

    I have about 25 gallons of water every 2 week from the water change, so I could water exclusively with the tank water. Or I could alternate with regular water. Would one way be better than the other?

    Thank you in advance for the help.
  2. Aquaponics is a totally viable way to grow almost any plant. Fish poop, if it is in the right environment wil break down and supply a ton of nitrogen.
    Don't expect it to support the plant though. Cannabis is a fast growing plant and therefore uses N at a ridiculous rate. I would estimate you will need about 50 pounds of fish to support a 4x4 foot 4 plant growbed (for cannabis... For vegies, that would almost feed your family for the year.) providing the fish are the only support.

    In truth, the aquarium water won't use or require the same levels of additives as plain water. I can't say for sure, but I suspect that you may find issues with odd nutrient levels using amended aquarium water.
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  3. Fred,

    Thank you for the information. The clones have more than doubled in height in 8 days. I have some 16-16-16 MaxSea fertilizer that the grow store recommended. I can use that instead. The orchids will be happy they don't have to share the tank water :)

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