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Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Made for when your stoned?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gBong, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. I have been watching that show lately after smokin lungs, and boy o boy does it seem like they were high when they made that show...its gotta be one of the funniest shows on tv
  2. I absolutely love this show, but I'm not sure if it was made for people who are stoned. That's like saying that junk food was made for people who have the munchies, it just doesn't make much sense. But regardless, this show still kicks major ass.
  3. id say it was definitely made for stoners by stoners sorta like fubu.... but different....?
  4. ATHF

    Hello? Did we look over the acronym it makes? Clearly for stoners.
  5. ATHF ? What do those letters have to do with weed?
  6. Well theres this dude named frylock hes like a smart ass scientest thing of fries, theres meat wad which is a wad of meat and theres shake thats a fucken milkshake. Its just the most random shit on that shit, watch it, its on at like 11:30EST

  7. if you dont know, dont ask
  8. MASTER shake. lol

  9. ATHF, harvey birdman and spongebob... all made by stoners for stoners. Sucks that cartoon network doesnt have the old shows anymore. I get teletoon and they had all the crappy new ones before and now it's got all the old ones.
  10. yeah, i dig the sponge bob. I watch that funny ass animation every morning while getting high before work, good stuff.
  11. i like to watch weird british comedies when i'm stoned. nothings better than the league of gentlemen and a bowl. btw, it's not the movie with sean connery. it's a british sitcom. it's crazy, man.
  12. My name is.....shakezoola the mic ruler to oldschooler..... yeah that show dominates
  13. You guys are forgetting about Space Ghost.
  14. id have to say the simpsons are the best when high

  15. omfg..... i know ur not talking about coast to coast.... i hate that show. it is just so stupid when ur high or sober. it is like...just dumb. and you wonder why the actors and shit even went on that show... all they do is get made fun

    yeah athf is a good show. lately ive been watching that and CASE CLOSED at night when i smoke. case closed is fucking awesome when ur high, or not. you get so into that show when ur high, it is like ur there, just trying to tell them who the badguy is..... such a good show.

    nearly all of adult swim is

    what do the acronyms AHTF mean? ive never heard of it.

    and you know what else is uberly awesome..... mtv2oons. with heatguy J, and aeon flux.....that show was made by some people tripping on acid..damn.
  16. i hear u guys talk about this show somewhere else in the city. I turne it on the other night to check it out, i watched it for about 5 mins or soand i was like ' wtf is this shit?' and changed the channel, maybe i should give the show another look sometime...
  17. BRAK! LOVE THAT SHOW MORE THAN ANYTHING ON TV! i'd cream myself if brak took over cartoon network. so fucking god.
  18. ATHF

    All The Heroes Fart...its gotta be

    funny though...hmm yea its a show about absolutely nothing but is still great nontheless
  19. ATHF means jack shit. i just felt like fucking around. :D

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