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  1. Aqua Flakes A and B.  I called the H&G cust service as the A and B only listed a few nutrients on the bottles.  I figured that couldn't be correct and called. 
    There are over 12 micronutrients and a and b need to be combined in equal parts to maintain availability of all the nutrients.  I was relieved to hear that the listed ingredients were for lrgal reasons of labeling the npk and that they were not just 3-5 ingredients.
    Also the rep said that its a full flowering formula, and that nitrogen boost was needed.  so for veg, Maybe a lil N is needed, but for coco, calmag is needed also which has N in it.
    so I will be using A and B and calmag. less is more right!
    figured id share that info as the Aqua flakes a and b does Not list the micronutes. (also to keep it secret, keep it safe!)
    happy growing

  2. Old thread but good to know

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