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aq lab tech???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dubsmoke, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. good or bad? please let me know your views on this website and the ordering system and also what i could expect ordering from them. thanks:smoke:
  2. we arent alowed to discuss it because it is competing with gc. its good tho
  3. You would buy from them?! Damn, so expensive.

    "yea, ima order a bowl off AQ lab"
    *checks pricing* "$200 for a BOOOWWLL?!?!?! Lick my ballllssss Aqua lab."

    Local head shop, give back to the community.
  4. Good. They pack very well (usually double boxed), they're fast, nothing to complain about and they ship to Canada. They're also the only online shop with SG glass.

    However there's other quality sites too.
    Even GC has a few high end pieces now.
    Only if the local head shop has high quality glass (mine doesn't for example and I won't buy China glass again).
    Water labs isn't that expensive for what you're buying. Only once in a while it's overpriced. One of their most popular slides is $30 which is worth it. I've spend about $200 on a slide before.
  5. :laughing: lol yea having quality glass and good shipping must suck :rolleyes:...but yes like someone else said we shouldn't really promote buying off other sites...that being said I have already bought a tube off there and it was perfect..Couldn't have been more pleased :wave:
  6. Very rarely overpriced? There's tons of bongs on there that are more than 1000 dollars. That's overpriced no matter how good it is.
  7. I beg to differ. There are many pieces worth $1000, even though water labs is overpriced.
  8. Do you own a heady or high end piece of glass?

    If not, don't bother.

    You would have to understand the time, money, rarely, uniqueness, waste, practice, skill, quality of materials, price of equipment and much more to appreciate expensive glass. This is not a machine that you turn on and put glass in and out pops a nice looking bong. It's hand made and people need to put food on their tables. It's not something everyone has a skill for. Otherwise there would be more product and less demand, thus dropping the prices. There's a market for it or they wouldn't get away with it. With a small market though (stoners with expensive taste) you've got to do what is needed to pay the bills.

    With that aside I'm not saying Water labs doesn't have a high mark up price on some items. However, so does Wal-Mart. How do you think they have 75% off sales and still make profit? We as consumers always get the shitty end of the stick.
  9. That is exactly the situation.

    Look at SG glass on Water labs. A Stem/8 for $700 doesn't last an hour for sale! It doesn't matter if they post 2 or 3.
  10. Well played good sir
  11. All SG glass on there goes so quick, because you can't find SG glass hardly anywhere online besides there and BM. And everyone knows its quality. For the people that have money, it's worth the quality.
  12. [quote name='eazydoes']Good. They pack very well (usually double boxed), they're fast, nothing to complain about and they ship to Canada. They're also the only online shop with SG glass.=QUOTE]
    im planning on getting a 60mm stemline bentneck
  13. thank you all for your advice his has helped alot i cant wait to order my new and first SG

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