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  1. Fred came home from work today to tell me the news; we got approved for the apartment we want! Hot damn! It's a one bedroom on the third floor...$350 a month, W/S/T included. It's only a one bedroom, but in there is a supposed walk-in closet that's actually big enough to be a nursery. Someone already started turning it into one. It's painted light blue with little bunny wall paper border. There's a light switch, an outlet, and a thermostat in there, and it's big enough for a crib.

    So be happy for me! I can finally move out of my mom's house permanently! Fred and I can finally be alone (at least until the baby gets here).

    We move in July 1st. :D
  2. congrats, wish u all the best in ur new endeavour
  3. congratulations hempress :)
  4. good deal girl :) itll be good for you guys to start your new family in a place all of your own!!
  5. congradulations. My only happy memories grace you while you are there.
  6. Sweet! Way to go Hempress!

    (By the way, when you started talking about the closet that could be turned into a nursery, the first thing that came to mind was you planning to grow there. I got really confused when you said it was big enough for a crib. Your baby and your plants, hangin' out in a closet. He'd be a stoner by age 3.)
  7. lol Sad Panda.......

    yeah congrats hempress...... good job. it would really suck to be raising a kid with your mom there..... prolly always hounding u if something goes wrong. glad you got the apartment you wanted too, not some "itll do" one.

  8. Ha! If we weren't expecting a baby, that's what I would use that closet for, LOL.

    But growing my own is just one more thing to add to the list of "someday".
  9. Congratulations and good luck for the future, I hope this is the start of a bright and happy future for you and yours.
  10. can i move in? i'll be the guy on the couch haha
  11. Kick ass, Hempress!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Moving is exciting...a pain in the ass but exciting still the same. Plus, you have the baby. Life is taking a curve, like a fast car on a curvy country road; so, you're in for the time of your life. :)

    Congrats on everything!!!!!! :D
  12. congrats!! living with your parents sucks :( kind of coinencedence i am moving back in with my parents :( :(

    It's like that episode on "seinfeld" were jerry always breaks even. Elaine moves in with her parents, looses her job and george gets a job and is moving into this amazing apartment.

    It's funny life can always relate to a sienfeld episode.
  13. I think that has something to do with the sheer amount of seinfeld eps that there are. lol :D

    Congrats Hempress! Enjoy your your new apartment, I bet its pretty cool walking in and saying, "well, this is mine now"

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