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Approaching New Dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Scorpiana, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So I heard my neighbour talking outside his door last nite to a friend (fyi I live in a apartment with 4 on each floor) and I basically heard him say he sells smoke. I am VERY dry right now and desperate for a dealer. The only thing is we don't really know each other and I can't think of any good way to approach him without seeming fishy. I mean, I doubt I look like a cop (19/f) and he looks only a few years older than me, but I feel awkward about the whole thing. Suggestions?
  2. Just ask him if he smokes. If he says yes, then you can explain your predicament to him. Smokers are usually willing to help each other out. If he says no, you can say something like "well, thanks anyways, I've just been looking for someone to buy from."
  3. what i would do is throw up a toker flag, such as "hey, i got a piece you got some herb"
    assuming you have a piece it might feel wierd but its worth it for some grass

  4. There you go :hello:

    and exp since your a girl. just flirt with him :rolleyes:
  5. Since you're a girl it won't matter, just straight up ask him.
  6. Dont ask straight off the hop if he sells..asks if he tokes. Tell him you would like to pitch in on a session but need to find someone to purchase off..if he happens to let you know that he does, then a new relationship will be born.

    Being a girl makes it easier. Just be friendly :eek:
  7. Definitely don't straight up ask if he sells.

    Ask if he smokes, and if he gets suspicious, just explain that you haven't been able to score recently and was wondering if he had a name or a number.
  8. Ha Yeah
    Cuz your a girl you probably wont even have to pay
    Hell probably just smoke with you all the time Lol
  9. I always just discreetly ask if the smoke... Found a guy that always carried around at least an o in his back pack with him at all time via that method. Then again, you could tell I was STONER at the time by just glancing at my eyes-- from a distance. :rolleyes:

    Being a cute girl helps a lot most of the time. If it was me, I could care less if you got tits or not, same rules apply... just better company. :D
  10. You could just tell him that you overheard his conversation and be like, "It's ok man I smoke too, I just thought I'd let you know that other people can here you and thought you'd like a friendly warning." EVERY smoker will admit to smoking if the person they are talking to says that they do it. Then be like, "I'd offer to split, but im dry as hell right now." things will go from there. If he doesn't say thanks for the warning after you admitted to being a smoker too then he is prick that you don't need to be buying from anyway.
  11. I'll buy a dime from a prick if every one is dry... Green is green. But only a dime, one time.
  12. this is easy one you obviously think he is a dealer or els you would be asking how approach him for herb

    if he deals as a way to make some cash he probably WANTS to sell to you.
    when the deal comes to them and they dont have to work its great
    if i were you i would just ask him if he knows where i could get some smoke
    and offing to smoke with your dealer is like asking the pizza delivery guy if he wants a slice
    but there are always exeptions

    i would use the word smoke because its something he used so you know he is going to know what you talking about
    its a little trick i learned for example i call joints "jay's" some kid who wants some of what i got likes to call them Doobies so i use the word doobies when im around them but jay's around my friends so nobody ever gets confuzed its straight too the point and puts you on the same thinking level as them

    word of advice
    for your first deal with sombody new buy something like a dime or dub so your not skrewd over

    whatever you do dont get nervous remember its just a plant:smoke:
  13. Hmm thanks for the advice everyone. I don't want to randomly knock on his door asking for smoke so I'll wait til I run into him and casually start up a conversation. I'm pretty sure he has a gf though and karma's a bitch so I'll keep the flirting down to a minimum.
  14. Just make sure you don't tell him you overheard him.
  15. Yeah I was thinking about it but it seems a bit sketchy.
  16. Just ask if he Parties? I have found that most tokers will know what you are talking about and that's a good ice breaker for you to go into your convo.:smoke:
  17. You got to lighten the mood a bit or else he will think you're shady.
    Put on a fake police uniform and badge and knock on his door and when he answers tell him to freeze.
    Then just say just kidding and ask him if he has any smoke. :smoke:
  18. ask his g.f if you can this resolves any issues, and DO say you overhead him otherwise he will get suspicious of random ppl bumping into him and asking him for smoke.
  19. That is by far the most stupidest thing anyone can ever do...
    What if it turns out this guy is dangerous and really doesn't want to go to jail, and seeing the fact that it is a girl cop, he tries taking advantage and pulls out a knife or something..

    Just ask him next time you see him, start a conversation and then ask if he smokes. Pull out like a cigarette and ask if he wants one, then ask if he smokes anything other than tobacco.. Just don't seem sketchy and everything will be fine.

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