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Approached me on the street

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jt233, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. So the other night I was taking the bus/train home late at night around midnight, and I Live in LA. I just got off the train and was waiting for the bus when this guy who was also waiting for the bus asked me if I smoked and I kinda hesitated but then said I smoke weed and he started telling me that he has dubs and 1/8ths so he gave me his phone number told me to hit him up if I need some but I don't know if I should trust him? I usually have to travel an hour by bus to pickup and this guy lives right in the area so it would be much quicker. but The thing is, is that the guy I pickup from is my friend who I met through my best friend and is someone I can trust. What are some percautions I could take to make sure this guy is legit and wont rob me lol.
  2. Bring a gun , jk lol
  3. Get a dub the first time. If you get robbed you lost $20, if not you got a new dealer.
  4. get your finest running-shoes and meet that man and get a dub, if popo, fucking run

    that simple
  5. It wont be a cop, they don't give a shit if you buy a dub. Did he seem like a trusty guy? Don't meet him at his house, meet in a parking lot or somewhere there are people, and like futureghost said, buy small amounts for the first couple deals.
  6. Meet somewhere public, like a Kroger parking lot, somewhere with plenty of people but few cops.

  7. Exactly at least if the bullets are flying you have lots of people to hide behind. :p
  8. You live in a medical state than shit happens all the everyone said just be cautious
  9. Should have asked to see some product at the time, but whatever.

    It's not a cop, otherwise it'd be entrapment.
  10. Thats not true cops can sell and tell you they're not a cop and still bust you
  11. If you give him a shot make sure you go fairly spartan when you go meet him. Meaning the clothes on your back, shoes on your feet and an empty wallet except for the amount you are buying. Ths way if you get jacked you can just give him the cash, don't fight it, and not worry about losing more than a small purchase.

    Sometimes in life you gotta take chances to make changes.

    Stick with your "comfort zone" buddy as well and use ths possible new guy as your back up plan.

  12. I do believe you missed my point. A cop cannot initiate a conversation and offer to sell you weed.

  13. This. Entrapment would be the guy forcing you to buy drugs then arresting you. Its your fault for buying the drugs.

    Its been proven in court that cops can sell to you then arrest you. Its a federal offense, they can basically do anything and everything possible to get drugs and users off the streets.

    Sucks marijuana is treated the same as these hard drugs though. And narcotics usually focuses on the hard drugs...
  14. Not gonna be a cop just pitching at a bus stop. I assume your worried about getting robbed and stuff.

    Try the new guy out for small orders, use your guy for bulk. Buying small establishes some trust too. Let him know you know quality. Have friendly convos.
  15. He didnt try and roll you that night, assume the same next time.
  16. buy small amounts and bring nothing else like others have said, if he tries to rob you for 10-20 bucks, fuckit better then getting your head kicked in or shanked. If all goes well just buy in larger amounts each time
  17. If he was going to rob you he would of jacked you that night..Think about it, LA at midnight? alone?

    He's not gonna rob you, but if you're still shook just bring a pocket knife and buy a dub. Be safe.

    Leave all your valuables at home, dont have a wallet full of money either
  18. Thanks for the info everyone yeah I will meet him in the daytime and somewhere were there are some people around so it's safe.
  19. So you still alive?

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