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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by skurfy007, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. wshats some good ways to strike up random convo with women... i use to have this gift i dont know what ahppened tho..:confused::mad:
  2. you wait til they open their mouths and then just lik toss a dick in there man
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  3. depends on the situation..
    but "Hello" sometimes works ! ;p
  4. *make eye contact*

    You: "Hey"
    Her: .. "hi"
    You: "I'm (name)"

    *dont give her a hand, thats too businesslike*
    *wait for her to respond, if she doesnt, BREAK OUT*

    Her: "oh hey, I'm (her name)*
    *give a random compliment about her name, could be a little lie also, doesnt matter*
    *depending of where u both are, u strike up a random light topic f.e in a disco/club/bar*

    You: "I come here pretty often, but I havent seen you here before.." (could also be a lie, doesnt matter)
    Her: "(her reply)" - could be something like "Well this is my first time, my friends are over there, and Im just buying some drinks for us (hope she smiles, would be a good sign)"
    You: "Ah alright (SMILE), may I ask whats your drink?"
    "(her answer)"
    "(Without asking, ask the bartender for her drink)" - optional, u buy the same for yourself, or you buy another one for yourself.

    *it could be she already bought her own drink, then u play a semi-funny semi-sad role like, ahw.. well I have no one else to give it to..*

    then she has to do something, if she likes u she will have a good response or a solution.
    if not, then not. too bad

    see it from there, u have broken the ice more or less, just keep up a nice warm pace, not too hasty, not too slow and boring.
    Congratulations you have made a new girl friend.. or not.
  5. ^this is great if you're a chump, you'll finally be able to get her in bed after a year of dating assuming you don't get friend zoned right away.

    To approach ask her something to get her mind working, have a conversation with you like you would any one of your friends. "Hey I need your opinion, if my friend's girlfriend goes out and gets drunk and makes out with random guys and nothing else, is that cheating? Howabout if she gets drunk and makes out with girls?"

    You have a shitload to talk about now.
  6. im past allt he games and shit its just that women pick on the wrong vibes all the time.. i hate it..

    like i think i fucked up things with another girl i liked i think i made the mistake of telling her ive liked her for a longtime??
  7. here you go:

    How To Approach Attractive Women In Public
    How to Approach a Girl in Public - wikiHow
    Approaching Women In Public
    I'm a nice guy, how do I approach women in public??? - Yahoo! Answers
    [ame=]How To Approach Women Without Fear In Public Places - Video[/ame]

    and it sounds old school but seriously, eye contact is key. just be casual, friendly, nice and only ask her questions about herself. it sounds awful but it works. and the worst thing that can happen is a "no".

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