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  1. Well hello, I'd like to talk to you all today about appreciation..

    People every day, use inventions, are exposed to media and art, taught lessons by peers, teachers, etc., and interact with people in their lives. Your whole livelihoods are supplied by your fellow human beings' work.

    There is no other known planet with conditions such as ours that allows for life. This world is filled with billions upon billions of miracles, big and small. From the life of a snail, bathing in the salty waters of the ocean, to the wild and mysterious ecosystems of the rain forests, to the beauty of a rising sun and ability to cure disease.

    And it seems like people today, in the western hemisphere especially, take a lot of this wondrous world for granted.

    That old saying "Be grateful for what you have" is something I live my life by, and something I'd encourage all of you to do as well.

    People worked hard to make the clothes on your back, or even the machines that make the clothes on your back as the case may be. Same with the computer or phone or ipod you're on right now! Or the food you just ate, or the electricity that keeps you warm, or even the bong you just ripped! Appreciate the labor people have put towards your happiness! Take nothing for granted! There will always be someone less fortunate than you who doesn't know what its like to have access to a shower, internet, etc.

    Especially when you're feelin blue, just remember how lucky you are to have what you have, even if its little, its something.

    Appreciate nature! Mother Nature is one of the most interesting and amazing things in the world, and a huge part of my life. Appreciate the complexity of a living organism (anyone who has taken high school bio should know! :p) Just consider a leaf for a moment, it is composed of tiny particles that somehow along the way turn into cells and biological materials that form structures such as the veins we see that carry nutrients from the air and from the process of photosynthesis (a process so complex I never quite got it) to sustain the life of the tree! You can't say that isn't an impressive feat!

    Appreciate your friends, coworkers, family and even people you don't know! Your family may not be the greatest, but they are family, and no matter how much you fight and bicker, they will always be family. Many people have no family whatsoever! And no matter how distant you may be, your family members will most likely have some love for you tucked away somewhere.

    Always appreciate your friends, they are there for you and a good friend genuinely cares for you. Don't ever take that for granted because we all know things change.

    Appreciate your job and taxes (yes I did just say taxes). Your job may suck, and as much as we wine and complain, we cannot afford not to have a job. The provide income which everyone needs, but also a purpose in life. Many jobless people/lottery winners who don't work are depressed deep down, mainly because they feel lost and without a purpose. Appreciate taxes! even though one can argue that the majority of them are wasted upon pointless things such as war and the war on drugs etc. They also help us citizens with public services that we would be hard pressed to live without!

    Well I think I covered everything, I probably left something out, but I hope you all get the gist! I personally believe that appreciation for all that is good in your life is the cure to all symptoms of the blues. It's advice I always give to people when the are having a bad day. Unfortunately, and despite popular belief around here ( ;) ) marijuana does not make you truly happy. It is an artificial happiness. I love tokin up, but just as a past time, or hobby. And sometimes after a shitty stressful day, its a great way to temporarily escape, but I would never depend on it for a source of happiness. Only YOU can make yourself happy, its all in your attitude towards life baby :)

    Thanks for hearing my thoughts, peace :)
  2. I feel you man, I love being outside when I'm high cause everything is so great. The great woody harrellson in zombie land said "you gotta enjoy the little things" that is so true, when I'm high the simplest things just make me smile. For instance when I'm walking my dog and it's kinda chilly out and then I hit that one patch of the road where the sun is shining on ad my whole body warms up and just feels great, it's stuff like that that makes weed so fuckin cool.

    I hate to give credit to anybody who looks like Yosemite Sam but whatever yo.

  3. Oh, and I cannot believe I forgot, appreciate art. All forms of it, from dance to music to traditional art to design of any kind! Without art, our world would be tasteless and dull and devoid of emotion! Art is one of the most important things in my life, and as an artist, it's amazing to see the amount of people who do not appreciate art! It has changed my life and the lives of many others..

  4. Exactly my friend! Now see if you can notice those little things without marijuana. I love marijuana precisely because of that, it helps me become aware of more things that provide me with simple joy, but if you can do that sober, then you're on the right track to living a simple, happy life :)
  5. I appreciate you dawg.

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