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Appreciating Mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazedog, May 26, 2010.

  1. Recently I was in a session with some friends smoking chronic for the first time and I actually picked up a fruity tangy note in the herb which made me ecstatic. I then decided that smoking only higher grade herb would be worth it because for me personally I like to pick up on those subtle notes and it enhances my smoking experience. My friends however said that I should learn to appreciate mids before I start smoking anything better because you will then appreciate the chronic and higher grades even more. Should I learn to try and appreciate mids or simply move up to chronic and why?
  2. If you can afford it, forget mids completely.
  3. appreciate the fuck out of mids. ive been smoking a long ass time and still do. if youre still new, then stick around to mids. cheaper and you'll still get blazed.
  4. In general, you should just simply appreciate that you have access to the herb. Then after that if your income can handle you bypassing mids straight to the chron, well then i would.
  5. I still pick up mids sometimes to mix in with some dank stuff, makes it last longer. Also filling blunts and such with mids doesn't "waste" as much.
  6. I think it is important to appreciate mids, In my experience the first time smoking was with blueberry dro. And I remember I kept asking my friend why it was called blueberry dro... I couldn't taste a hint of anything but weed which at first tasted gross. Then when I started buying me being a broke ass college student I could only afford mids but these are high quality mids. Few weeks after just smoking mids and learning to appreciate then for what they are I smoked with my buddies again and we had the blueberry dro. This time I could taste everything the subtle hint of blueberry I could smell the difference and see the difference. Appreciating mids definitely helped me to appreciate high quality weed.
  7. i am very lucky to have a guy who seems to have an unlimited amount of mids to sell. that is all i smoked for months until i went to a concert and smoked a dutch of soud desiel. i dont think i've ever been that fucked up on anything. be careful though because getting extremely high on good weed can raise your tolerance thus you need more weed to get high. make sure you mix up what kind u smoke regularly or you will find yourself going through way too much nugget
  8. really depends on your smoking habits..

    if you smoke everyday..get mids

    if you smoke once in awhile get dank

    if you smoke dank everyday you will get used to it and ur tolerance will be high and you will have to keep finding stronger shit but with mids..its not so much of a loss.
  9. All the people saying 'you need to smoke mids to be able to appreciate high quality herb' aren't correct, you don't need to eat shit food to be able to appreciate fine cuisine. Same thing.

  10. haha:smoke:
  11. mids are only good if you wanna roll fat blunt/j or you gotta feed a lotta ppl

  12. A kid who eating only fine cuisine will not appreciate the food as much as a kind who eats only decent food and when he gets his hand on something better he with appreciate it more. Thats all. Same goes with weed... If all you smoke is dank weed... all dank becomes common, if you smoke mainly mids and then smoke dank which is greatly superior they will be able to appreciate the greater difference. So yes you do need to appreciate mids before you can truely appreciate finer dank weed.

  13. I've been smoking only for four years since I was 14. 3 of those have been daily, and for all 3 of those years, it's all been what you would refer to as 'dank'. And I appreciate it as much now as I did on my first day.

    What you're talking about is tolerance. If you smoke mids, then smoke dank, the higher potency is what you're mistaking for 'appreciate more'.
  14. i appreciate my dank and mids equally. blunts are my favorite way to smoke so i get excited when i get mids cuz i use them in blunts. I would never put dank in my blunts though. So i appreciate each for a different reason
    mids- price and smoking method
    dank- the high
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    I have one problem with low quality weed and it's the "Quality" of it. If picking up mids that you know the person grew in their backyard, It's fine. It's the stuff that has been smuggled in. We've all heard about smugglers getting caught crossing the boarder or where ever that try every single compartment in their vehicle to hide the load, Which includes the gas tank. Have you ever seen a brick of weed get pulled out of a gas tank? And these gas tanks are not empty, The bricks are floating in them. They'll pull these bricks out and they'll be dripping gasoline, So here's the kicker.........

    How about everyone else that managed to get through with bricks in their gas tanks that haven been soaking up gas? They are still going to sell it and someone is going to smoke it.
  16. i guess its mainly up to the person, personally i smoke mids everyday and when i get a chance to smoke some dope shit it gets me so much higher than it would if i smoked dope shit everyday. i agree with the appreciate mids theory.
  17. that.
  18. usually when we're talking about smuggling in huge amounts its extremely compressed. thats usually schwag. Mids are better than schwag and regs. Mids are not the cheapest thing around.

  19. Sometimes they'll call that nasty ass dirt schwag, Mids. So they don't have to call it regs or shit :)
  20. true, but some people call their mids dank. if someone's buyin he should do a little research first to at least be able to tell quality.

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