appology to the blades.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. i just want to make a general appology to everyone reading my posts as of late.

    they've just not been upto the same standards i hold myself to.

    i've got other things on my mind all the time, and so, my responces often have left out vital peices of information that make the reply whole.

    even this one.

    also.. a question...
    to anyone who is in love or has been...

    will my head ever return to normal? or is this permanent?
  2. all will be good soon enough digit!

    this board is your love! and we be the lovers!! post with your chin up and all will be well in the norming.

    in the words of aesop rock "take two of these, and call me when your dope."
  3. thnx abc

    in that case, i'm two timing the lot of yas.
  4. you in love? I'm happy for that, it so great.... unless you become one of those obsessed stalkers who keep diaries of he/her daily routines and such? well "you're phone is off the hook, it's so ordinary....... all is full of love"..
  5. Your head will never be the same..........

    As for posting the "complete" reply..................... I didn't know any one could do that!

  6. you's a ho'

    but really.... you'll figure things out eventually...when it happens... nothing you can do about it..
  7. I don't know if I can forgive the lack of quality of your posts of late!

    No just kidding, still a step beyond most other people in the lack of sense in their posts. Such as me, who ripped the roor many a time and then try and move fingers to type words.

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