appoligise for lying to forum members

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  1. Hi, im sorry i lied to forum members about my plants being stolen. I lied cos they were so close to harvest and did'nt want to be grassed-up or them be stolen (as im an out door grower. Anyway, all my plants are cropped, dried, and have been curing for a month. I have half a kilo of Chronic-haze/alaskan-ice/ice by female/widowryder/lowryder-easyryder and purple-power. The weed is one of the best smokes ive ever had, im not just saying that cos i grew it but you wont get much better. All i used was a simple all purpose compost, a mix of herb and plant food and mollasses when budding. Flushed them with spring water 4 the last 2 weeks. All this hydro and super feeds is bullshit. All you need is soil, water and sun. Any one live in essex ill prove it.:D
  2. And he preached to the lord OH HALILUYA and he said i have done wrong AND HE SAID oh i hhaaaaaaaave done wrong and he said I BEEN LYING OH CLAP YALL HANDS he has been clensed OH YEEEEEEEEH HE HAS BEEN CLENSED.

    you be lying in god's house man not cool......not cool at all.
  3. Can you post a pic of the purple-power? Close up?
  4. So, early July harvest?

    Just curious...some of those don't sound like did you get them to flower through the longest days of the year?

  5. Yeh what this dude said man.
  6. when did the lying start? well it's still going. lol

    I smell something stinky on your feet man.:devious:

  7. Yeh haha it's still going man, OP you may just want to delete this thread other whise you got a AC130 loaded with heat seeking Neg reps on your 6 mayyyn :devious:
  8. Yep, this is some bullshit. Im living not more than 300 miles give or take from him and im also growing Purple Power outdoors and it has only started flowering last week.
  9. Also only a half key from all those plants.... man you better start lookin into some SUPER FEEDS bullshit.
  10. G-City should be called Troll City.
  11. I smell errmm bullshit somewere along the lines!
  12. Man sorry just read ur posts and u had them in a dark room so you could have harvest... but still only a half key?

    Can u post pic of dry Purple Power?

    Sry again.
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    Lemme see dat pyrp, ice, haze, auto and chron, like one of those big high resolution pics u can take wit a phone or a cheap digital, u kno like big as a mofo on my 20" screen dawg, then il/ull getl recognised or r u fibbin shit out ur mouth? PICS.!.!..
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    Skunky maan ur good at weedem out foreal how long u been postin, see im too lazy to b checkin ppls profiles on my iphone, this shit should b easier to type.
  15. i got call out and shut the fuckers up with pics so if you got them post them . we like to see a big purple bud please .

  16. Yeh but put piece of paper by them that says hello Grass city so we know your not bull shitting everyone again.

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