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  1. its eating an apple, without all the stressful effort... which makes it awesome!

    so lets talk about it

  2. All the extra effort is part of the experience of eating an apple.

    Applesauce is for babies and old folks without teeth. ;)
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    Eating through a tube - All the joys of eating, without all the stressful effort!
  4. Porkchops 'n applesauce are da bomb.
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    You can shoot your BB guns all you want as you die of starvation while I live off my applesauce :eek:

    I'm willing to accept loss.
  6. apple sauce is good... but all out

    going to grab a fruit cup ^______^
  7. Doesn't it all require crushing the apple and stuff, surely that's whole lot mor effort? Also, the crunch when eating an apple is the best part of the whole thing!
  8. im nt tryin to be THAT guy, but i truly agree. Apple=sauce is ftw.

    Like no doubts its easily all the delicious of an apple+simplicity.

    What boggles my mind is why there is no apple sauce tubes (like yougurt?) I suggested it to multiple retailers . . . none replied.
  9. One time when I was eating applesuce, my sister walked in and was like "What is that?".
    Without missing a beat I said " applejuice with pulp". :rolleyes: I don't eat aplesauce with a spoon, I drink it.
  10. Homemade applesauce rocks my fucking world. The jarred stuff is just... meh.
  11. I prefer Mott's. Never had the homemade stuff, but I'm sure it's indubitably succulent.
  12. Apple sauce with potato pancakes F.T.W.!!!!!!!!!
  13. There's some great canned applesauce out there. This place I used to have bball camps at has a big orchard and sells a lot of apple products. If you ever see any Graves Mountain Lodge products, jump on them. It is the only apple sauce that ever enters this house now, and they make great apple butter too.

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