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  1. Has anyone else besides me ever smoked an apple pipe? If so how effective was it? Today a friend of mine made my my first and bestt applee pipe i got soo baked off of one little bowl but i hear people saying its very ineffective. Did anyone else ever get completely baked off one. IMO i think its better than some $20 glass pieces :smoke:
  2. Hell yeah man. just got done blazing one a couple minutes ago.
    And it doesn't taste that bad either.:D
  3. lol its so dank :D i loved the appley taste cept i didnt eat mine :(
  4. Yeah dude next time try to eat it. (not the bowl of it)
    It's like a tradition for whoever makes it here.:hello:
  5. lol i should probably make it myself next time ;) my friend made it this time but it was such a fking good appley :smoke:
  6. I would always make apple pieces when I first started, before I got a metal piece. I just remember having that sticky knife and eating the entire apple. Including bowl and core. Those were great days.
  7. sounds awesome i think im a start making apple pipes nowadays cuz i cant go to a headshop for like a month since theres none in a 40 minute radius of me :( anyways do you use the bic to inhale with or do you inhale out of the hole? cause my friend and i smoked directly out of the apple :confused:
  8. man those were the days.:D
    Yeah it always seems like you've accomplished something
    when you make the bowl and smoke it.
  9. i don't really understand what you're saying but.
    You can smoke directly out of the pipe. or you can do this:D
  10. lol i hope thats a joint i c on the apple that looks so ghetto but dank at the same time :D
  11. i meant can you use the hollowed out bic that you use to make holes in the apple as an inhaler
  12. oh yeah man. we usually just smoke straight out of the apple.
    but yeah you can use the bic to inhale.:)
  13. cool is it more effective to inhale directly?
  14. I don't know mane. i guess it would be about the same.
    its just i usually use scissors to make my apples.
    Yes ghetto as hell i know. :rolleyes:
  15. lol just smoking apples is ghetto anyways :D
  16. smoknig out of apples is like how Native Americans did it.
  17. That is what we like to call the peace pipe.:)
    I've never heard natives using apples

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