Apple Pipe?

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  1. I'm away from home and don't have my bong, I could get papers but my tolerance is so low it's kind of a waste since 1/4 joint is enough. So was thinking of making an apple pipe ? Or is there anything else I could make? I don't have sockets/tools
  2. potato.
    the list goes on and on.
  3. I've used an orange, nice tasting hit there :p
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    If you've got a pint glass and a metal tube like a pen barrel, actually two, most apples will fit nicely with a little pressure into the top of the glass.  Metal tube poked through bottom of bowl cutout in apple, down past the bottom of the bowl.  Other pen tube through apple as mouth tube, and you've got yourself a bubbler. 
    As far as smoking through unknown metal, the downstem should be as far from the bottom of the bowl as possible, and the apple makes a great heat sink, so the metal won't heat up much.  I carry an apple, a short piece of 1/4 inch steel tube, and a travel mug in my car when I know i'm going to be out smoking.  Keep the tube and an extra pen or two in you toolbox or glovebox, and it's a pretty stealth piece.  Put it together, toke, take it apart and dispose of apple.
    Oh, a few inches of 1/4 inch rubber tubing in the toolbox makes a wonderful upgrade for a mouthtube.
  5. I just used an apple in the end. Hope the neighbours didnt see me throwing it in a bush at the end of the garden.
  6. I've used an apple in my early days. My friends ate it after, but I stuck to the Funyuns. :smoking:
  7. apples work very well , i have used them many times
  8. You can use anything, really. But apples are great! I personally find the smoke to be a bit more chilled than smoking from a pipe or paper. Also, I find the taste to be pretty much the same, but perhaps with a hint of apple. Another great thing with the apple, is that it has a "natural bowl" at the top, where the little "wick" is.
    Just grab a pencil, pen, or stick. Get anything long and thin.

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