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  1. i am growing 4 plants in a good setup. they have been veging for aout 2 weeks now 3 are fantastic but the other has an apple core effect at the bottom of the stork (i would post a picture but it is so fragile). i have been building the soil around the bottom to try and support it, not too sucessfully tho.

    the bottom cannopy leaves are droopy, it has roughly the same amount of fan and canopy leafs as the others but half the size and haven't pushed outfrom the center.

    despite being like this for the last 4-5 days, it isn't showing anysigns of dieing, it just isn't growing like the others, who have recieved exactly the same treatment.

    has anybody encountered this or have any suggestions? would really be appreciated.

    i could post pictures and particulars of my grow if it'll help
  2. A few specs would help. You staked it for support?

    You saying it has a hole in it?

    bbl alex
  3. to be honest - didn't even think of it! that'll be a good start. i just used some fresh soil from my last grow to try and beef up its support at the base. staked now though and looking better.

    i have a 4 pot htdro system, bud box 600w hps and carbon filter, air in blah blaj blah. i started in peat pellets, moved into delta rockwool blocks and are now sitting in clay pebbles, but are still being hand watered at the moment. im using iconic grow and watering 4 times daily, going through about 2 liters a day. i started flushing the problem plant yesterday. tap water ph levels down here are spot on.

    im starting to think that it may have been the soil i used to try and beef the support for the stalk, but it was bought from a grow shop and i didn't have any problems with it last time.

    theres not so much a hole in it. take an apple and bite each side. its a bit exagreated but it is enough of a problem to not support the plant. it will fall over without support. as i said the others look fantastic. im also thinking its growth maybe stunted due to the bottleneck, as the stalk isn't thick enough to draw in enough neutriants for growth, but only enough to survive. osrry, im trying to self diagnose, but im really stumped
  4. Cool I understand now(stoner moment).

    Usually physical damage of stems makes the infamous creb affect of slowing growth, but at the same time is strengthening the stem itself w/scar tissue(stem doubles in size).

    Yours sounds sucked dry and that baffles me. Bugs is what my 1st thought is, but I can't remeber why. Old age sucks.

    bbl alex
  5. If all else fails trash it and bring in a clone.

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