Apple Bowl?

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  1. I've never used an apple bowl but I am really thinking about doing it later. Have any of you ever tried it?
    Thanks :bongin:
  2. Always a great call. If you only smoke a bowl or so you can eat it afterwards too!

    anyways, get some sort of bic stick pen, take out the ink cartridge and use that to bore out holes for the smoke. I like to rip the stem out and poke it down there and then have 2 holes on the side of the apple (one to hit and one for a carb). a little piece of tin foil doesnt hurt for the bowl eithwr

  3. It does in the long run... :(
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    This is what i do for apple pipes..
    You need: Apple, plastic pen (bic is perfect), & socket(optional)
    1. Gut the pen so you have just the tube.
    2. Take the tube and press down where the stem is about 3/4 down the apple.
    3. Take the tube and repeat for a mouth hole and carb. (In my picture it's kinda hard to tell but the hole for your mouth is below my thumb)
    4. Take the socket and put it on top. (You can just hit it from the apple without a bowl)
    5. Enjoy eating the apple.

    1. Don't try to re-use these if they have sat out even half a day.
    2. You can also use other types of fruit:smoke:

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  5. Yea they're definitely good. I agree with both of the above posts , push the pen all the way through so you have a carb. I also cover one hole and blow through the mouth-hole to clean out the apple.
  6. I just made mine and also froze the apple. Freezing it makes it feel so much better. It's amazing!
  7. That's a genius idea haha
  8. I smoked out of it a week ago and it worked pretty well. Make sure the bowl isnt too big and DONT freeze it. You cant eat it after words if you do.
    Other than that it worked great!
  9. It's also conservative and healthy.. ;)

  10. You shouldn't have to make sure the bowl isn't too big. The bowl is naturally part of the apple, just pull out the stem and stick a phillips head screwdriver down there.
  11. I've tried it and it is nothing special, to be honest. Its a novelty thing to do which floats some peoples boats!
  12. ^ To some extent. Before I had my vape(s) and eds TNT bat / dugout the apple pipe was sick. You get really high off of such a little amount of bud too. Btw if anyone is considering a one hitter , go buy one from eds TNT. No, I don't work for them but I recently bought from there and was blown away at the quality of hits I could get. Also, the dugout is the most perfect thing to take caddying , ever
  13. Very fast and easy to make, Smokes good, Slight apple taste. I like it.
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    Not if u burn the non-stick spray off with a bic lighter, just go back and forth with the foil untill u see black/brown smoke till most of its gone. AnywAys ye never tried an apple bowl bfore ima try it next time i got enough
  15. haha i ve used an apple before but with a pipe filter thing so it workedd,
    but it looks kinda funny not gonna liee!
  16. I don't have a piece atm so its what I always use.

    Its definitely a tasty way to get stoned:D
  17. anyone ever make one using a real bowl to a bong or something?
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    Same thing.. Shove the bowl in there haha it's not rocket science.

  19. I know everyone is entitled to their beliefs and whatnot but just throwing this out there:

    -Aluminum has a shiny side and a matte side because it is split in two at the factory to make it thinner. The foil is shiny on both sides before it is split; there is no non-stick coating. That's why fish-sticks and shit always stick to foil ;) (Google)

    -Aluminum melts at 1220F and boils at 4500F, which means the worst you're going to do is inhale some aluminum droplets, not vapor. (From Wikipedia)

    -You consume an average of 8mg of aluminum a day, mostly from eating stuff that was packaged in aluminum. Adults can take up to 7g of aluminum a day without ill-effects.*

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    And the typical bic lighter is 3590.6F.. So hot enough to melt it but not quite boil it.

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