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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ROORtwenty, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. hey guys i smoke a lot of weed (at least an 8th a day) and my appetite is completely gone if i dont smoke. i physically cant eat anything unless i smoke a little.. does anyone else get this??

  2. not funny :smoke:

  3. wow thats bad, maby you should cut back

  4. cut back? :eek::eek:
  5. its common for people who smoke everyday.. esp when you start smokin in the moring, you are just used to it
  6. Yup. Days I don't smoke I don't get hungry. 6pm will come around and I havn't eaten the whole day and I won't feel hungry, and that's something because I'm a fat ass!
  7. I think you said that wrong: Its common for people who smoke a LOT everyday.

    I had that a few years back, but really if you dont have an appetite without smoking weed, i believe your abusing weed too much. I smoke every day still, but only a couple bowls at the most. for example i havent smoked today but still ate a bunch and am hungry right now even. i think you should cut down a bit.
  8. happened to me after the summer was over, you just have to cut back

    there was a lot of hash that summer...and I mean a LOT...mmm

  9. That's a common withdrawal sympton in people who are smoking too much then stop. It passes in a few days. You might want to cut back.
  10. the same thing happened to me a few months back when i burn and then eat and eat so i stopped eating right after blazing so often. But i smoke a lot less now so cutting back would definitely help your appetite return... i know it feels like you'll never be hungry hahaaa at least it did for me it was just about 2 days probably feww hours short but ye it'll be back for more ....your appetite that it is peace im out:smoke:
  11. just some advice, from smoker to smoker, you need to cut back.. that is borderline abuse, especially when you cant function(no appetite without it)
  12. if you take an ex pill your tolerance will go down.
  13. i'm in the same boat, the roor can do that to ya man.

    i smoke mad bud all the time, always tokin the roor or a blunt or somethin and i can't always be eating like some people. especially fast food will gross me out now and shit like that, i love the herb though.

    i feel ya, i try to eat sometimes just for my body. yesterday i didn't even eat till 11 pm and that was only bc i realized i didn't eat anything.

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